School Services

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In addition to curriculum available to all schools, we offer the following services:

Single-Source Purchasing

Veritas Press offers Single-Source Purchasing for all your curriculum needs (not just our normal stock.) Your large summer order realizes these benefits:

  • Cost savings of 25% off retail prices
  • Flat shipping cost of 3-4% depending on your location
  • Purchase orders prepared by us for your approval
  • Inventory management for you; you simply input your data
  • Updates when items go out-of-print or have newer versions available

Order Delivery shipped to you already sorted and separated out by grade, teacher, room number, or your unique preference.

Single-Source Purchasing program enables school administrators to order virtually their entire curriculum and materials through Veritas Press (even items we don’t typically carry). This amounts to significant savings of time and money, and with our inventory management system, keeping track of it all is greatly simplified.

This service is available only to schools that are members of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools.

The customers always write …

"Veritas is now our single source for all of our curriculum needs and, get this—they even keep up with inventory for the year! All of this saves us time and money, and our materials are shipped to us already collated and marked by room number! What a service and convenience, especially during the summer when the teachers are not here to sort through all of the classroom books."

Cary Christian School

For more information, please contact us at (800) 922-5082.

Live Online Classes

Christian schools are frequently finding benefit in using our online classes. They often have needs for particular classes for just a few students. Rather than hire a teacher—sometimes with little expertise—many schools are using the option of our online classes through Veritas Press Scholars Academy. With enough students, we will even create the class for specific days and times. Here is our current class schedule. To discuss your school’s needs, please contact us at 800-922-5082 or