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Our Commitment to Excellence

"Since we are an American family living overseas, there always seems to be something that we need just a little additional help figuring out or someone who can give us extra insight.  It has been comforting knowing there was someone we could go to directly, as often as we needed, who would focus on our concern and get us an accurate, speedy answer.  Lexi has been a vital part of our homeschool network while living abroad. Our successful and happy VPSA experience would not have been possible without her!  Thank you Lexi for your patient attention to detail and consistent expertise!"
-Karen C., Dubai








Our dedication to excellence is evidenced by:

  • Award-winning classical Christian approach to education

  • Taught by experts in each discipline

  • Fully Accredited Diploma

  • A growing list of exclusive college scholarship opportunities

  • Superior SAT scores

  • Students accepted at America's most prestigious universities

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