Grammar School Self-Paced History

Grammar school history you can do at ANY time, ANY place and at ANY pace!

Each of our self-paced history courses has 160 class periods and covers 32 important historical events. With interactive teaching, including clever games, engaging video footage, and even a talking historic character, your child will be motivated and engaged throughout the entire year. This dynamic chronological approach to learning history is the best way we know to have your child learn grammar stage history. It includes:

  • Memorizing names, dates, and places to understand how God is working throughout history and today.
  • Memorizing in a variety of ways makes the work more enjoyable.
  • Providing a foundation to contextualize more in-depth study in later years—one of the primary reasons for choosing the classical approach. Knowing a chronological sequence or timeline of history is a crucial part of anyone’s education.

There are five self-paced history courses available:

Old Testament and Ancient Egypt - MORE INFO & REGISTRATION

New Testament, Greece and Rome - MORE INFO & REGISTRATION

Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation - MORE INFO & REGISTRATION

Explorers to 1815 - MORE INFO & REGISTRATION

1815 to Present - MORE INFO & REGISTRATION

Tuition for each course is just $199 and we offer a sibling discount of $100 off!



“Excellent! I started watching it and pretty soon I had a crowd of children watching it with me.” —Tammy A.

"The Veritas Press online self-paced history course is a fun history curriculum. This course freed me up. There was almost nothing for me to do other than make sure we had any historical fiction books I wanted my son to read. Even though I didn’t HAVE to do anything with the course, I must admit I enjoyed listening in on some of the lesson and even learned a bit from them too!" —Trisha G. on

"My daughter is absolutely in LOVE with history and the Bible thanks to this curriculum. The talking sphinx makes her laugh out loud. She also loves the memory songs and sings them all the time. The program reinforces concepts repeatedly which really seems to make the information stick. It takes no effort on my part to get her to do her lessons. We save Veritas Press History for the end so that it is the "dessert" of her educational journey each day." —Posted by “aecaswell” on 

"We're doing Veritas Press' Self-Paced Old Testament/Ancient Egypt online course for the kids and THEY LOVE IT! So do I . . . it's pretty easy for my 4th grader, but even my 5-year-old will watch it and sing the songs, etc. And I do NOTHING, except make sure they're all behaving and I listen in as I work in the kitchen! They know the timeline from Creation to the Famine in Egypt (17 events) just from singing a song every day. And I know it from listening and singing along." —Posted by “micandme” on