Self-Paced Omnibus

The new self-paced Omnibus I primary course is geared for seventh through ninth graders.

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning “all encompassing.” Combining the disciplines of history, theology and literature has students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge, and all the material is taught through a biblical, Christian worldview.

  • Learn World and American History, Theology and Literature from our Omnibus teachers and many experts in each subject area
  • Tour the actual locations where this history occurred
  • Be challenged by dialectic questions and exercises to propel you beyond just learning facts
  • Enjoy the convenience of studying anywhere you have internet access, at a pace that works for you
  • Learn ALL within the context of a completely Christian worldview

In this self-paced format, the video lessons lead the student through the study of the great works, with the emphasis on ideas, not simply information. Through interactive exercises, games, expert interviews and reading assignments, students will gain mastery of facts as well as deep understanding of broader concepts while studying many of the Great Books.

Omnibus Self-Paced course access is just $295 and we offer a sibling discount of $100 off.




“I’m very excited about this Self-Paced Omnibus course. Through location videos, expert interviews and dialectic exercises, the material comes alive in a powerful way.”—Bruce Etter, Veritas Press Scholars Academy