Veritas Press Scholars Academy

The Best Education Anywhere … Anywhere You Are

Whether you want an expert instructor to teach specific subjects, need help because of teaching
multiple children or you want your child to experience the benefit of student interaction, Veritas
Press Scholars Academy courses provide the flexible solution you need, all at a schedule you
choose and from the comfort of your own home.

Veritas Press Scholars Academy is designed to be flexible for your unique needs:

  • Enjoy classes anywhere you have internet access

  • Enroll in one class or for your entire course load

  • Do-it-yourself, single class enrollments or our fully accredited Diploma program

No matter what options or classes you choose, your child will have the benefit of being taught by
some of the best classical Christian teachers in the world.

"I chose to enroll my children in the diploma program because I wanted to give them a classical
Christian education of the highest quality and, at the same time, insure that they would be fully
prepared for college.
-Lees P.

Flexible formats to suit your family's needs… 

Veritas Press Live Online Courses

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Our Award-winning Self-Paced courses

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