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1815 to Present Classroom Kit with Enhanced CD

1815 to Present Classroom Kit with Enhanced CD

Item # 000509S | Marlin & Laurie Detweiler

The 1815 to the Present Classroom Kit with Enhanced CD contains everything you need to help a classroom of students learn to love history and succeed in their knowledge of this time period! The flashcards are thirty-two colorful and engaging cards that cover thirty-two major historical events and people during that time period. Each card is introduced chronologically, starting with the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 to Modern America. The engaging Enhanced CD contains a printable version of the 1815 – Present Teacher’s Manual and has informative quizzes, worksheets, tests, and teaching instruction. The memory song CD has a chronological timeline song that covers the same events covered in the flashcards as well as a presidents song. Teacher's manual is 477 pages. Included:

  • 1815 – Present flashcards (16 sets)

  • Enhanced CD (Memory Songs, Teacher’s Manual as a printable pdf)


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