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1815 to Present Homeschool Enhanced CD

1815 to Present Homeschool Enhanced CD

Item # 000503 | Marlin & Laurie Detweiler

The 1815 to the Present Homeschool Enhanced CD contains the teacher’s manual in a PDF version as well as a memory song. The CD offers a completely reproducible version of the teacher’s manua; great for families with students of multiple ages and grades! The manual is full of engaging and informative quizzes, worksheets, tests, and teaching instruction. The memory song is a chronological timeline song that covers the same events covered in the teacher’s manual. The CD includes a vocal version of the 1815 to the Present Memory Song, an instrumental version, and a President song. This product begins with the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 and ends with modern day America. Great for 2nd– 6th graders. Teacher's manual is 477 pages.


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