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Dedicated to providing the best tools for educating your children . . . One Young Heart and Mind at a Time!

The heart of our mission...

From the moment we were introduced to classical Christian education, we knew that we had discovered a better way—arguably the best way—to educate our children. We also realized that there was a lack of curriculum and tools to teach in a classical Christian way. That's why we began creating curriculum. As our own children, and those in the schools we helped start, experienced success using our materials, we began to look for ways to share them with other, like-minded parents.

Read the full story of how Veritas Press began as well as some of the unique products we've created by clicking HERE.

We believe that classical Christian education is the best way to have children reach their full, God-given potential! That's a very big claim, but we believe the facts support it. Click HERE to find out more about classical Christian education and view a video that will help you learn more so you can better consider a classical Christian education for your children.

Veritas Curriculum

We are constantly thinking, observing the marketplace, and talking to others to determine whether there is a way to improve the curricular options available. Over the years, through the "working laboratory" of our own children, schools, and homeschoolers, we've observed many needs and have worked to fill those needs. Click HERE to see some of the latest examples of curriculum we have produced.

Online Education

Since our beginning, technology has opened up many doors for education. Maybe the most notable is the opportunity and growth of online education. Like any popular idea, many get involved quickly and sometimes not so thoughtfully. We have grave concerns for much online education simply because it frequently isn’t what it needs to be. Certain types of online classes can be a way for a student to skate through without really learning the material. Accountability is paramount. As we have developed an ever increasing collection of online classes, one thing remains front and center—that the student really masters the material. Many parents have chosen to provide a Classical Christian Education for their children, yet prefer to do so at home. In order to help them in this process, our online solutions through Veritas Scholars Academy have proven to be a great answer. Whether you choose to have an expert teacher instruct your student in more rigorous subject matter like Latin, Rhetoric, or Omnibus, or you prefer the benefits of our fully accredited Diploma Program, Veritas Scholars Academy has solutions to meet your unique needs.


Click HERE to find out more about Online Education through Veritas Press.

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