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All 5 History You Teach Kits

All 5 History You Teach Kits

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Looking for the kit that includes everything you need to teach Veritas Press History? Look no further, this is the one! This colorful, engaging product includes all 5 of the homeschool kits needed to successfully complete our entire history program for 2nd – 6th graders. Each level includes a set of flashcards, a memory song CD and a hardcopy teacher’s manual. The teacher’s manual includes instruction on how to teach the material, information corresponding with the flashcards, and other fun activities and worksheets to help excite a passion for history in young minds. Each flashcard covers an event from that specific time period and can be covered in a school week. The memory song CD has a timeline song on it. The goal of this song is to help a student memorize the chronological order of the events covered in that time period. The 5 specific time periods that are covered are listed below.

  • Old Testament & Ancient Egypt (Creation to 30BC Egypt Falls to Rome)

  • New Testament, Greece & Rome (Minoan Culture to Fall of Roman Empire)

  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation (St. Augustine to 1560, John Knox)

  • Explorers - 1815

  • 1815 - Present


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