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All 5 History You Teach Kits with Enhanced CDs

All 5 History You Teach Kits with Enhanced CDs

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The perfect set if you can’t wait to own all 5 years of Veritas Press History. Includes the flashcards and enhanced CDs, which contain the songs and the teacher’s manuals as PDF files. The teacher’s manual includes instruction on how to teach the material, information corresponding with the flashcards, and other fun activities and worksheets to help excite a passion for history in young minds. Each flashcard covers an event from that specific time period and can be covered in a school week. The memory song covers the event titles of that time period. The goal of this song is to help a student memorize the chronological order of the events. This product is designed for students in 2nd – 6th grade. The 5 specific time periods that are covered are listed below.

  • Old Testament & Ancient Egypt (Creation to 30BC Egypt Falls to Rome)
  • New Testament, Greece & Rome (Minoan Culture to Fall of Roman Empire)
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation (St. Augustine to 1560, John Knox)
  • Explorers – 1815
  • 1815 – Present

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