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The Art of Argument DVD Set

The Art of Argument DVD Set

Item # 145055 | Aaron Larsen

This introduction to informal logical fallacies is an excellent curricular tool. The mastery of informal logic (the logical fallacies) is a ``paradigm`` subject by which we evaluate, assess and learn other subjects. Mastery of informal logic is a requisite skill for mastering other disciplines. a DVD video series featuring three experienced logic teachers and four capable, enthusiastic students discussing the 28 fallacies presented in The Art of Argument. This video series will be a valuable resource for every student using The Art of Argument. Each video segment features one fallacy, which is presented, defined, and then discussed and explored using a blend of enthusiasm, contemplation, and humor. Each discussion seeks to make a practical application of the fallacy to student life, advertisements, political speech, and various kinds of ethical and philosophical debates.
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