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Benefits of the VPSA Diploma Program


1. Accreditation  

Students are recognized as part of an accredited and state approved school. Students will graduate with a nationally recognized accredited diploma.

2. Academic Course Guidance

Students who are part of the Diploma Program receive advice on what courses to take each year. The yearly consultation is a meeting between the parent and a trained consultant. For premium students or in certain situations, the student will participate in the consultation. The consultant gets to know the student and works with the parent to find solutions that meet the unique needs of the student and family.

3. Customized Academic Plan

Your consultant helps you determine what courses you should take and the best way to take them – options include Live Online, Independent Study, and Homeschool.

4. Academic Standards

The Diploma Program offers multiple certification/graduation requirement options. These options enable the student to obtain a classical Christian education while allowing for a range of academic rigor and flexibility.

5. Monitoring of Academic Performance

Students in the Diploma Program receive academic feedback throughout the year. If a student is doing poorly in a class, we will address the issue early to ensure that they can get back on track and successfully complete the course. We also offer achievement testing which is another tool for measuring your student’s academic development.

6. College Savings

VPSA offers several select college scholarships available only to our Diploma Program students. We also offer Dual Enrollment courses to help improve college readiness. Dual Enrollment courses provide the opportunity for students to be introduced to college level content. Also, they are a great way to improve your transcript by having the rigor of VPSA classes “validated” by a college.

7. Academic Record Keeper

All students receive grade reports and certificates at the end of each year. We keep documentation of all grades for online courses and also any work completed as a homeschool course. For all seniors we prepare official high school transcripts that can be provided to colleges and universities.

8. Ongoing Education for Parents

All families who are part of the Diploma Program are entitled to participate in seminars or informational meetings we offer monthly. These include a variety of subjects including how and why we teach what we teach, how to teach a course at home and various college planning topics. VPSA also has a college fair each fall for students and their parents.

9. College Guidance

VPSA offers information, including resources to answer your questions and tips on what to be doing when. We offer assistance with filling out applications, writing college essays and how to succeed in college interviews. We also provide specialty services for military, NCAA and others.

10. Community

Students connect with others in their class through Student Connections. The experience builds school spirit and creates relationship-building opportunities. Monthly meetings and other activities are planned with students convening in a VPSA classroom. Students can participate in student government through the Student Connections program. In addition to this, we also offer a yearly gathering at the end of each year with a live graduation ceremony for the senior class (includes caps, gowns, diplomas, etc.)

11. Other Benefits

Diploma families receive Scripted Lesson Plans at 20% off. Also, one-time free shipping each year (international families receive a discount of the cost to ship the order domestically) and early registration for classes.