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We're incredibly excited and humbled that because of Veritas Families, we're able to donate nearly 1000 Self-Paced Bible Courses to children in China.

I’m excited to be able to tell you that the NEW 2018-2019 course listing will be posted on December ___. This means that you, as a Full Time Premium family, will be able to begin registering for classes as soon as you’ve completed your yearly consultation for your student(s).

Because classes are limited to only 20 students per class, I’d love to get your consultation done as soon as possible so we can put together the class schedule that will work best for you guys.

Please reply to this email or call me at ______________ to schedule the yearly consultation.  If you call and I am unavailable, please leave me a message as to the best time for me to return your call or call the Veritas Service Team at 1(800) 922-5082 and they will put you on my schedule.  


I’m really excited to get things started and can’t wait to speak with you!