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For every course purchased, Veritas will donate a Self-Paced Bible course through

From November 28th, Veritas is giving you $100 off EVERY Self-Paced History, Bible, and Omnibus course you purchase, and Veritas will donate a Self-Paced Bible course through to a child impacted by one of the 4 ministries in China we have partnered with on your behalf.

China has weighed heavily on our hearts over the last year and a half. The people of China have an amazing thirst for the gospel but a devastating lack of educational materials to teach children the Bible. We want to change this, which is why we translated the Genesis - Joshua Self-Paced Bible Course into Mandarin and have it available now at

This special pricing and Buy One GIFT One offer ends December 12th, 11:59 PM Eastern time. 

Our goal is to give away 2000 courses to children in need. Together, we know this is possible.

2016 has been a wonderful year for Veritas. Let's make it even better.

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An engaging way to learn history, with a talking sphinx, totem pole and other characters. Simply the best way for younger kids to learn history.

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The Bible comes to life with characters, actors, interactions and games. Students will learn the Bible and have fun doing it. Parents will, too.

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Great books courses covering history, theology and literature from a biblical worldview. Thought-provoking, engaging and very timely.

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