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Calculus II - Live Online Course 2018-2019

Calculus II - Live Online Course 2018-2019


Quick Overview

In this Live Online Course students will broaden and deepen the understanding of this beautiful subject begun in the previous course.

(Recommended for grade 12. May be taken in grade 12.)


This second course in calculus broadens and deepens the understanding of this beautiful subject begun in the previous course. After an overall review, we introduce some basic differential equations; we discuss infinite series, and power series representations of functions; we engage in a detailed study of parametric equations and polar coordinates and apply this to the classical study of conics; we begin to generalize to higher dimensions with basic vector material and the theory of vector-valued functions; we conclude with an introduction to functions of several variables and partial differentiation. This course is eligible for dual enrollment credit for junior and senior diploma students, and is an AP Calculus BC course approved by the College Board. Homework will average 2 - 4 hours per week.

Calculus II is taught by an expert instructor in the Veritas Virtual Classroom and is limited to only 20 students per course.

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Courses begin September 4th and end May 17th. To view the complete Academic Calendar click HERE.


Minimum age of 12 on the first day of class. Successful completion of VSA Calculus I or comparable course in the previous 24 months is strongly encouraged.


Calculus II Course Kit (003588) The Course Kit contains all the items listed below it at a discounted rate.

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