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Child`s Story Bible

Child`s Story Bible

Item # 630020 | Catherine Vos

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Originally published in 1943, this is a classic story Bible. Mrs. Vos` husband was a professor of theology at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. After years of telling these stories to her children, as they were told to her while a child, she decided to write them down. This is the most accurate children`s story Bible you will find. Hard 382p
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'' I waited several years before I bought this. I wish I'd bought it back then. It is excellent! Perfect for Bible time with my kindergartner as it helps to paint a vivid picture in her mind. Words and stories are not dumbed down. It is good for older kids as well. I'm having my fifth grader read it to himself and am planning on doing some family time read aloud from it with all my kids kindergarten through ninth grade. Love it! ''