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Merry Christmas from veritas!

Family traditions are wonderful and few times have more than Christmas. Like many of you, our traditions involve our children. Our oldest son, Jameson, arrived from a business trip to Germany—he lives in Venice, CA. Brandon and his wife and their daughter are with her parents in San Diego after being with us for Thanksgiving. Brandon works for Veritas. Travis and his wife and two children will be here. Their third child is expected in April. Parker and his wife live in Naples, FL and care for Laurie’s 92 year-old father who lives with them. They’ll be celebrating there. We are blessed.

We have also been challenged with the realities of life, too—especially the last two weeks. Notably, the passing of RC Sproul has impacted us as had his life. RC introduced us to classical education as well as the riches found in the holiness and sovereignty of God. Our time with him when we lived in Orlando was filled with fond memories. Marlin was able to join nearly 2,000 attendees at St. Andrews Chapel for the memorial service. Eighty-eight thousand watched on a live online feed. What a tribute to his reach and influence.

Christmas is a time for traditions and for joy and celebration. But most of all, it’s a time for reflection of one of the most significant events in history. Immanuel, God with us. GOD with us. God WITH us. God with US. Wow!

Merry Christmas,

Marlin & Laurie Detweiler


Veritas Press