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Chronicles to Malachi Classroom Kit with Enhanced CD

Chronicles to Malachi Classroom Kit with Enhanced CD

Item # 000639S | Marlin & Laurie Detweiler

Everything you need for a school classroom! Classroom Kit includes 16 card sets and School Enhanced CD. The Enhanced CD contains a digital version of the teacher’s manual with additional worksheets, memory songs, and instructional video. This CD is Mac and PC compatible. Third in our Bible series, it covers the major and minor prophets and many of the kings of Israel and Judah. Studying this period is quite necessary for teaching our children the relationship between covenantal faithfulness and covenant blessing. The book of Job is studied last in this series since we cannot date the life of Job precisely enough to place him chronologically. The difference between school version and homeschool version is the license it conveys. You may use the school version for the entire school. Teacher’s manual is 352 pages.


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