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New from Veritas Press . . .



The Pages of History Series

From a mysterious safe in a dusty library comes the gateway to a journey through history. It is the year 2152 AD, and what two boys thought would be a boring school project is astonishingly transformed into an adventure that will forever change their lives. R.C. Sproul, Jr. writes, “History is not something Jesus merely entered. It is not something He merely conquered. It is instead, all of it, from east to west, from beginning to end, His story. Pages of History does magnificently what the best books usually do but poorly: tells us about Jesus by showing us His world.” In this exciting series, James and Lance travel through time with a talking bird and miraculous notebook. Their adventures in history will captivate readers young and old. Pages of History: Secrets of the Ancients (Vol. I) is available. Pages of History: Blazing New Trails (Vol. II) is scheduled for release in 2013.



Bede’s Histories for K and 1st

Obviously, we love history. But our history curriculum starts in second grade. So what to do for the young ones? We now have fun activity books for Kindergarten and First Grade students in which an adorable yarn timeline named Bede rolls through, teaching about family trees, national holidays, art, toys, George Washington, and more! Use Bede's History of ME in Kindergarten and Bede's History of US in First Grade.


Legends & Leagues Geography

The last time we visited the offices of Legends & Leagues, Ltd., Mr. Longitude and Mr. Latitude were teaching Elmo Tardy about maps, points of the compass, and more. Now they’re back in four longer stories, exploring North, South, East, and West with Peter Pan, a Peach Girl, Alice, and the lumberjack Paul Bunyan.


Self-Paced Omnibus 1 - Primary

In our dynamic, new self-paced Omnibus, video lessons lead the student through the study of the great works from the dawn of time to the fall of Rome, teaching with the emphasis on ideas, not simply information. Through interactive exercises, games, expert interviews and attached text reading assignments, students will gain mastery of facts as well as deep understanding of broader concepts as well as themselves.

View sample lessons and find out more.