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Lesson Plans for Grammar School



Have you ever wished for more help as you teach, plan and organize your schooling? The Veritas Scholars Lesson Plans are the answer! Now you can have classical Christian education in a curriculum with lesson plans to guide you every step of the way from kindergarten through sixth grade. We've geared the program to home school families (and school teachers) who want to spend their time teaching, not planning. Imagine the beauty and efficiency of scripted lesson plans written by those experienced with the curriculum and who know how to make the curriculum come alive.

The plans will provide you the tools to implement your entire school year on a daily basis. We cannot overemphasize how simple it now is to give your children a classical Christian education.

Sample Lesson Plans:

Furthermore, this program is customizable to your situation. The plans are delivered to you as PDF files via email. Concept-oriented disciplines like math, grammar, linguistics and Latin as well as literature are taught to the individual student at grade level. Yet, if you need to change out a math level or grammar level, you can. Then history and Bible, the content-oriented disciplines, are taught to all children together, but only if you want to— it's your call. History and Bible are presented as self-paced courses.

Of course, sixth graders are more capable than second graders, so we've created two levels in history. Level 1 includes the optional historical fiction geared to second and third graders. Level 2 is for fourth through sixth grades.

Whether you are new to homeschooling and don't know where to start, are experienced and know how time consuming and even frustrating the planning of daily lesson plans can be, or are looking for someone to come alongside you with tools, scripts, and direction every step of the way, you will want to check out this program. Think about it. No more late nights, early mornings, or interrupted days as you collect and organize your thoughts to plan each lesson. We've done it for you.

The Scholars lesson plans covering all of the subjects you need for a year are $99 for your first student and $49 for every additional student. Or you may purchase a single subject's lesson plans for $49. This is such a customizable program your total cost including books will vary considerably depending on your specific circumstances.

“I have purchased the lesson plans for two years now and am extremely pleased to be able to set my child free to learn. His education isn’t stopped when I need to be with his three younger siblings. Yet I am comforted that I am not missing the opportunities of teaching life lessons that I could have otherwise.” —Kcaarin P.