Choosing Curriculum

At Veritas Press we start with the premise that we are a classical Christian education provider. We exist because we believe classical Christian education is the best way to educate our children, teaching in a way that is consistent with how children develop and grow up and how God made us as learning beings.

That means that we are using the time-proven method of the Trivium for teaching that focuses on training children in the truth, beauty, and goodness of the world that God has created. We choose material that fits the child where they are developmentally, but also curriculum that causes them to love learning.

In applying the Trivium, we look at everything through the grid and filter of its three stages of learning; grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric


  • First Place Kindergarten Curriculum
  • First Place Elementary School Curriculum                        
  • First Place Middle School Curriculum
  • First Place High School Curriculum            
  • First Place History
  • Third Place Handwriting  
  • First Place Elementary Bible
  • First Place Middle School Bible
  • First Place High School Bible
  • First Place Elementary Online Learning
  • First Place Middle School Online Learning
  • First Place High School Online Learning
  • Second Place High School Art