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First Favorites Guide Vol. 2

First Favorites Guide Vol. 2

Laurie Detweiler

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For those seeking to lay a firm foundation for a life-long love of literature, look no farther. These guides and the books they cover contain all the questions, activities and projects needed to fan into flame a student`s passion for reading. These books represent all that is good about children`s literature. For those finishing up the Phonics Museum, this is the next step. For those using other reading programs, do not miss this level of development. This year is a magical time in the student`s reading journey, and these collections of books will nurture a deep appreciation for quality literature.

In Volume Two, students are given reading comprehension questions that are building in difficulty. It also boasts many ``extras`` as well, including a recipe for stone soup. This guide has handwriting exercises for each book covered, a clear icon system for the teachers to follow, and simple instructions for the students to follow in order to foster independent work. Soft 170p

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