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History Transition Guide Set

History Transition Guide Set

Item # 000987

Do you struggle with knowing if your child is ready for Omnibus? Maybe they have not studied history chronologically or just need a year to mature with a good review. It is quite valuable, and one of our primary objectives in grammar school history, to have a working knowledge of a timeline of history when starting the Omnibus and deeper study of literature and theology.

These History Transition Guides may be your perfect solution. They provide the structure to survey history from Creation to modern times in a one-year course. Guide I focuses on Creation through the Reformation, while Guide II focuses on explorers to the present. This set includes both guides, each including a reading schedule, comprehension and worldview questions, essay prompts, activities, and more. You will also find sections devoted to the Pages of History books. Volume I covers material from Pages of History 1: Secrets of the Ancients, and Volume II covers material from Pages of History 2: Blazing New Trails.The entire list of materials used for this course are found in the History Survey and Transition Course Kit (#003519). This is a costly collection of materials. But it's covering five years in one and will prove well worth it.


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