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Below are answers to questions you may have. Click on the questions to see the answers.

Spring Semester 2016–2017 – We have agreed to allow students previously registered for Landry Academy spring semester or for the whole school year to register for live classes at Veritas Scholars Academy for $249 per course, a savings of $61. The price can be paid with special terms by paying a deposit of $95 and the balance ($154) over the next three months.  

2017–2018 School Year – Landry Academy families who had purchased generic credits as of December 29, 2016 from Landry Academy may use them to purchase full-year courses from Veritas. Each semester credit is worth $50 per course. 

Self-Paced courses – Landry Academy families may purchase any Veritas self-paced courses through January 31, 2017 for $100 off. Course start dates may be deferred as late as September 1, 2017.
Spring Semester 2016–2017 – Because we’ve already removed the current school year registration from our web site, you’ll have to call us at 800-922-5082 and have a Service Representative sign you up.

2017–2018 School Year – Registration for next year’s courses begins in early February. Watch your email for the specific dates. Sign up for the courses you want through the Veritas Live Online Course Listing. A $95 deposit will be required to complete registration for each course. After completing your registration, call us at 800-922-5082 or email us at to ask us to apply a generic credit to your account. This will take $50 off your balance.
January 23rd is the first day of classes for the second semester of the 2016–2017 school year. 
After students have been registered, they will be permitted to audit the class until the second semester begins. An audit student can review past classes—they’re all recorded—and attend the upcoming classes. They just can’t participate in them.  
This is a little tricky. The class schedule is available HERE. To view Veritas course descriptions and course materials go to Just realize that the Course Listing dates and times are for the 2017 – 2018 school year.
Teacher bios are available at You can meet our administrators and consultants there, too.
For each course you select go to the Course Listing at, find the course and open it with the arrow on the right. Then click on the supplies tab.
Yes, it is not only possible, but we have done this hundreds of times. The teacher will work with the student to assess where they are currently, and they will be given time to catch up.
Before Veritas began online classes we spent an extensive amount of time researching online education. We are convinced that it is best to meet twice a week. Math is a good example. We do not want students struggling with a concept for a long time. Discussion—particularly for older students—is a very important part of education that requires class time. Meeting once a week simply doesn’t get the learning results we seek.
We will need to assess where your child is in the course and design a strategy for getting them caught up. Honestly, for some this will be easy; for others, we may recommend against doing it.
Omnibus is the classical Christian educational answer to history, theology, and literature. It’s focused on reading the Great Books of Western Civilization. The benefits are hard to overstate. Click HERE to see the textbooks or HERE to see the self-paced courses.

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning “all encompassing.” Completing an Omnibus primary and secondary course of the same level in one year will provide the student three credits; a full credit in history, doctrine and theology, and literature. Combining these disciplines will have students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge, and all the material is taught through a biblical worldview.
Yes. Students will earn one credit for either course. Any reading of the Great Books is worth it.
Click HERE to see our Statement of Faith and HERE to learn more about our Philosophy.  
Our grammar school is K through 6th grade. Secondary School is 7th through 12th grade.
We have agreed to give a $50 credit for each generic toward each 2017–2018 full year live course you take.
Full-year courses are $649 secondary school and $599 for grammar school. Summer school courses are $499.
As promoters of classical education from a biblical worldview, we are very interested in helping you develop the intellectual gifts of your children. School is work, and it should be challenging. Sometimes when asked this question, we realize that people have a suspicion that we’re too hard for the average child. Thousands of children coming through our program lead us to believe that our children are far more capable that we think.
We have had many children succeed with all kinds of disabilities. The self-paced  courses have proven to be particularly helpful. Laurie Detweiler, one of the owners, is a former special disabilities educator and has a particular fondness for seeing children that struggle with learning flourish.