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Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Classroom Kit

Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Classroom Kit

Item # 000307S | Marlin & Laurie Detweiler

The Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Classroom Kit contains everything you need to help a classroom of students learn to love history and succeed in their knowledge of this time period! The flashcards are 32 colorful and engaging cards that cover 32 major historical events and people during that time period. Each card is introduced chronologically starting with St. Augustine Converts to Christianity through John Knox, the Scottish Reformer. The teacher’s manual contains reproducible, engaging and informative quizzes, worksheets, tests, and teaching instruction. The memory song CD has a chronological timeline song that covers the same events covered in the flashcards. Learning history chronologically has proven invaluable in the lives of many children. Having children memorize names, dates, places and events has given them a valuable tool for understanding how God is working today and what He has done during many past events. The difference between the school version and the homeschool version is the license it conveys. You may use the school version for the entire school.


  • Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation Flashcards (16 sets)
  • School Teacher’s Manual (reproducible)
  • Memory songs CD

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