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New Testament, Greece & Rome Self-Paced Literature Kit Level 2

New Testament, Greece & Rome Self-Paced Literature Kit Level 2

Item # 000211

The New Testament, Greece & Rome Literature Kit Level 2 takes your students on 13 exciting adventures set during the historical events they are learning in their New Testament, Greece & Rome Self-Paced Course. While optional for your student's self-paced course, they will not want to miss these historical literature lessons. Level 2 indicates that these books are for use by children generally in 4th– 6th grade.

This kit includes:

  • Against the World
  • The Iliad (formerly Black Ships Before Troy)
  • d`Aulaires Book of Greek Myths
  • Detectives in Togas
  • Hostage Lands
  • Hittite Warrior
  • Lysis Goes to the Play
  • Pages of History Volume 1
  • Quintus
  • A Sparrow Alone
  • A Triumph for Flavius
  • Theras and His Town
  • Twice Freed

For a student in grade 2 or 3, we recommend using the books in the Level 1 kit. If you have multiple students in grades 2–6, we have a combined kit.

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