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Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Course Kit

Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Course Kit

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Item # 003511

This is the curriculum kit you`ll need for this Scholars online course.

This kit includes:

  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt cards

  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Enhanced CD

  • Pages of History Vol. 1

  • Adam and His Kin

  • The Ancient Egyptians

  • The Cat of Bubastes

  • Geography Songs CD

  • God King

  • Golden Goblet

  • Great Pyramid

  • Journey Through the Bible

  • Kingfisher History Encyclopedia

  • Daughter of the Nile

  • Mummies, Tombs and Treasures

  • Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

  • Record of Time Suggested Placement Guide

  • Record of Time Timeline Notebook

  • Riddle of the Rosetta Stone

  • Student Bible Atlas

  • Tales of Ancient Egypt

  • Tirzah

  • Tut`s Mummy

  • Usborne Time Traveler

  • This kit was assembled for use with this online Veritas Press Scholars Academy course with a live teacher. It may not be suitable for other circumstances.

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