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Omnibus IV Primary Live Course or You Teach Kit

Omnibus IV Primary Live Course or You Teach Kit

Item # 003526

This is the curriculum kit you`ll need for this Scholars online course.

This kit Includes:

  • Omnibus IV Text with Teacher CD-ROM

  • The Iliad

  • Landmark Thucydides

  • The Bacchae and Other Plays

  • Lysistra and Other Plays

  • The Republic

  • Introduction to Aristotle

  • The New Oxford Annotated Apocrypha

  • Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements, Vol. 1

  • The War with Hannibal

  • On the Nature of Things

  • Cicero

  • Annals of Imperial Rome

  • Eclogues and Georgics

  • Metamorphoses

  • Josephus

  • Meditations

  • The Apostolic Fathers

  • These books are listed in the order in which the course covers them.

This kit was assembled for use with this online Veritas Press Scholars Academy course with a live teacher. It may not be suitable for other circumstances.
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