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Phonics Museum Kindergarten Classroom 8 Students

Phonics Museum Kindergarten Classroom 8 Students

Item # 000820

Finally! A phonics program that incorporates over 30 real books--10 in kindergarten--with excellent content. Learning to read is a crucial time in a child’s life. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is the time to develop the student’s love of reading for the rest of his life. With the Veritas Press Phonics Museum, students begin this journey with memorable books.

The Homeschool Kindergarten Kit includes everything you need for one student for the first year of instruction. For additional students, simply add one of the Individual Kindergarten Student Kits. Consider purchasing the Combo Kit (Item #000800) which covers kindergarten and first grade. It's more economical than buying the kits separately.

Join Percival, a boy knight, as he takes children through an art museum, learning letters and sounds along the way. Your child will want to keep learning as they set out on this adventure. Using classical, time-proven methods, your child will learn to love reading. Easy-to-follow scripted teachers manuals give you everything you need to teach with confidence. Also included are alphabet flashcards using fine art, games, music, worksheets, great stories, art projects, and much more—all to teach using a comprehensive multi-sensory approach.

The Phonics Museum goes beyond simply teaching letter sounds and reading skills. This powerful program will inspire your child with a life-long love of learning!

This kit includes all you need for a Kindergarten classroom of 8 students.

This kit includes:

  • The Alphabet Quest (introductory short story)
  • 8 Primer Sets (10 books each)
  • Kindergarten Teacher Manual
  • 8 Kindergarten Workbooks
  • 8 Puzzle Sets
  • 2 Sets of Kindergarten Game Cards
  • 4 Decks of Playing Cards
  • 2 Sets of Flashcards (29 each 5x8)
  • 2 Pop-up Museum/Game Boards
  • Music CD
  • 2 Game Piece Sets
  • 2 Fine Art Card Sets
  • 2 Paper Doll Sheets
  • 2 Paper Clip Packets
  • 9 Museum Bag Decals (bags not included)
  • Kindergarten Classroom Posters
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