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Templeton Honors College at Eastern University


The Veritas Scholarship


The purpose of the Veritas Scholarship is to direct a major merit-based scholarship to one of the most promising graduates of Veritas Scholars Academy as it partners with the Templeton Honors College in the ongoing work of Christian education. Templeton offers one of the most selective and academically rigorous Christian great books programs in the country. We work to challenge a community of outstanding students to steward their exceptional gifts faithfully, so that they may continue to grow up in all things into Christ our Head.


The Veritas Scholarship includes a $26,000 annual scholarship for four years of undergraduate study at the Templeton Honors College.i The Veritas Scholar will join the cohort of distinguished students entering their first year at Templeton and will also be paired with a top Christian leader and professional mentor to assist and encourage them for the duration of their undergraduate education.ii


To be eligible for this fellowship a student must satisfy the following criteria:

1) Be accepted into the undergraduate program at Eastern University:

2) Have an SAT score of 1350 or ACT score of 30

3) Have a demonstrated record of leadership

4) Be a graduate of Veritas Scholars Academy with a standard, honors, or highest honors diploma.


The full Templeton application can be completed online at Please indicate that you are applying for the Veritas Scholarship.


November 1 – Deadline for application submissions (including both reference letters)

Templeton office announces finalists within 10 days.  

November 17 - Finalists interviewed

December 1 – Winner announced

iEastern University’s policy for scholarships and grants does not permit this scholarship to be stacked with other merit-based scholarships, or with the Young Life or Fellowship of Student Athletes Grants. Need-based aid is also calculated after all merit-based awards are considered, rather than independently of them. For questions about how this scholarship will combine with the rest of your financial aid package, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 610-225-5102.

iiIf you have any questions, please contact Eastern University's recruitment officer, Paul Charles (


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