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Laurie Detweiler - Co-Founder, Veritas Press









Laurie Detweiler Bio

Laurie Detweiler, well known for her creativity and the sense of wonder she brings to children in her educational endeavors, is a vice president and co-founder of Veritas Press. She has authored and published numerous books and curricular products. She was instrumental in founding three classical Christian schools, Veritas Press Scholars Academy (online), The Geneva School, Orlando, Florida, and Veritas Academy, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In every instance she served as the curriculum coordinator for several years and continues to do so with Veritas Press Scholars Academy. Her involvements in classical Christian education, initially motivated to help her children, have made her a favorite speaker, consultant, and writer. She and her husband, Marlin, have four adult boys, a daughter-in-law and granddaughter.


Session Samples:

The Distracted Child


Talk categories

  • For Parents
  • For Teachers
  • For School Administrators


Classical Education for the Average Kid

When you think of classical education, do you immediately think of the brainy child down the street that you know? Well, I’m here to dispel the myth and let you know that classical education is for all children. It’s up to you!


Creative Teaching (AKA How to be a Great Teacher)

Are there some people you know who just seem to make even the most difficult and boring concepts come alive so the students can’t wait to do more? Come learn how to turn learning into the most fun thing you could ever do.


The Distracted Child

Do certain students drive you crazy because they just can’t seem to pay attention—and worse—they just don’t seem to care? Learn techniques to help your child stay focused. You wouldn’t want to be the teacher who gave up on the next Thomas Edison, would you?


Grammar Stage Teaching Methods

How many songs can you remember from when you were in elementary school? There is a reason why this is the case. Learn why classical Christian teaching methods are the most tried and true. And by the way, you will come away thinking they are also the most fun!


History and Bible in Grammar School

Do you think about changing history or Bible curriculum every year? Learn a way that will be tried and true, and most importantly your child will still remember when they are thirty years old. We will discuss how to make historical fiction, timelines, primary resources, writing assignments all integrate into your history and Bible program.



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