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Marlin Detweiler – Founder, Veritas Press










Marlin Detweiler Bio

Marlin is the husband of Laurie, father of Jameson, Brandon, Travis and Parker, father-in-law of Lexi, grandfather of Ava and master of Grace, the Border Collie—the official breed of classical Christian education. He and his wife were involved in the formation of three ACCS charter member schools, Veritas Press Scholars Academy (online), Veritas Academy, Lancaster, PA and The Geneva School, Orlando, FL. He serves on the National Board of ACCS. He and his wife are the owners of Veritas Press, a curriculum provider for Christian schools and home schools and online school for homeschool families. Marlin is an avid golfer.

Session Samples:

Purpose, Goals and the godly Child

Rhetoric Formidable Discipline

Marlin Detweiler - Leading a book study of Dorothy Sayers, "The Lost Tools of Learning"


Talk categories:

  • For Parents
  • For Board Members
  • For School Administrators
  • Vision and Inspiration of classical Christian education

Talk Topics:

Academic Standards

Veritas Press, in general, and the Detweilers, in particular, have been promoting and motivating folks to establish academic standards that would please God. This talk looks at biblical reasoning and historic practice as means to establish what we ought to think is a good academic standard to maintain with our children and students.

Board Issues

School boards have interesting challenges and demands requiring a diverse set of talents and skills among their members. There are several categories of major concern or consideration that merit discussion. This talk will focus on the key ones.

Classical Christian Education – A Trajectory for the Future

We believe classical Christian education is the educational “pearl of great price.” Rightly understood and executed we have great reason to believe CCE will have a major impact on many generations to come. Learn and be motivated to participate in this phenomenon to the glory of God and the blessing of his people.

Classical Christian Education – Its Value and Benefits

This is Marlin’s stump talk. He has probably given this introduction to the world of CCE in more than 30 cities for school start-ups and home school groups. Intended to be a great way of introducing and motivating parents to give their children the education they never had but wish they did.

Cultural Standards

It’s a simple thing to say we get our standards form the Bible. Yet the cultural standards we have adopted within Christendom have varied so much that we are left to wonder if we are refereeing to the same Bible. This talk seeks to distill our thinking and root out time and place influences to look honestly and in an unvarnished way at what we ought to mean when we talk about taking back culture.

Executing Electives: Thinking Outside the Box

Electives are an important part of the high school years. They allow a student to follow his interests, digging deeper into particular areas. Sometimes they can be expensive—particularly for certain classes. Creative, outside the box thinking can be very helpful.

Future Men (and Women)

Our children will be future men and women. Scary! What does that mean and how do we best prepare them? A good classical Christian education will go a long way—but it isn’t everything. There are too many people who haven’t really considered all it takes to raise children into godly adulthood, ready to take dominion. This talk will challenge you greatly.

Greasing the Skids

Marlin has raised four boys—each is very different than the others. He attributes this to a technique he and Laurie used called greasing the skids of their interests. Another way of saying this might be, encouraging them in their giftedness and interests. This talk will provide a biblical way of looking at training and directing children that will help them reach their God-given potential.

Guiding Children Toward Vocation and Dominion

This talk is similar to Greasing the Skids except that it will encourage the listener to consider additional tools and techniques. Also, it is not as biographical from Marlin’s specific experiences as a father.

How to be an Effective Board Member

Success or failure in a school is generally attributed to the effectiveness of the school board. Vision drift, financial stability, and many other aspects of success or failure find their root at the board level. This talk addresses what an individual board member should expect to contribute to help avoid the pitfalls that can cause a school not to reach its potential.

If Christ is the Lord of Literature, Why Do We Use Books with Curse Words and Sex?

So, if the title isn’t enough… This talk will cover the appropriateness of impressionable children reading books that include filth and sexually explicit content. Books like Gilgamesh, The Twelve Caesars and the Bible are filled with stuff not fit for polite dinner conversation. Learn why this is most appropriate curricular material.

The Importance of Fathers in Education

Children begin their education at an early age—a time when mothers are quite involved in mothering. Fathers are frequently fairly uninvolved in these details, they commonly spend their time making a living and providing for the financial needs of the family. This talk focuses on the urgent need and one time opportunity that fathers have to be involved in this most critical aspect of the lives of their children.

Knowing the Times—Trends in CCE and CE Today

In 1964 Bob Dylan wrote The Times They are a Changin’. Did he have any idea how right he was when he wrote the song? Such is the case with CCE. Popular ideas and the phrases that define them make for quick acceptance and, sometimes, a redefining to suit our needs. In this talk learn of the trends that exist and whether they be friend or foe—and what to do about it.

Omnibus – How and Why

Omnibus is a term that means “all encompassing.” The Omnibus curriculum, developed by Veritas Press, is a tool for studying history, theology, and literature through the “great books” in an integrated way while touching on a whole host of other disciplines. This talk explains how it works and the tremendous benefits students gain from it.

Pros and Cons of Educational Models

Today, perhaps more than ever before, there are more choices of educational models to consider for educating children. This talk exams them in the context of where we’ve been and where we are headed.

Purposes, Goals, and the Godly Child

If we don’t consider where we want to end up we will hardly know how to get there. Such is the case with raising children. Considering what we hope to produce in our children is frequently the most important thing we should contemplate and the most overlooked or ignored. This talk will bring many considerations into focus.

Rhetoric—The Formidable Discipline

The capstone discipline for classical Christian education is Rhetoric. Unfortunately, it is also frequently misunderstood. Much of the teaching in Rhetoric classes is still about Rhetoric when it should be to make talented rhetoricians out of its students. A great classical Christian education must contribute to the making of great rhetoricians. This talk should help you learn how to do just that.

Rhetoric and Appearance

Dress codes have been increasingly relaxed in the last 20 – 40 years. Yet, they still communicate volumes. Matthew 12:34 says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” This is just as true of our appearance and dress. Our appearance (and the appearance of our students) must be carefully considered if we are to be effective in the roles God has given us.

Starting a School

Marlin has taken the lead on starting two ACCS charter member schools—Veritas Academy in Lancaster, Pa and The Geneva School in Orlando, Fl. He now oversees Veritas Press Scholars Academy, a burgeoning online school with students and teachers from all over the world. There are many important considerations when starting a school. Learn where to start and what steps to follow.

Staying the Course and Then Some

Many classical Christian schools start with great ideas and goals. For numerous reasons these plans often get sidetracked by vision drift or other failures. Staying the course is crucial. Quite often people with entrepreneurial ideas and energy want to continue to develop and change. Learn how to make decisions that keep new ideas coming to avoid stagnation while building on the strong foundation of the founding goals and ideas.

Transforming Culture

A key purpose for most who have been drawn to classical Christian education is see culture transformed. How does this work? Why does this education have a chance at succeeding?

Transitioning from Grammar to Dialectic Stage

Children don’t wake up sometime during the summer between their 6th and 7th grade years and automatically become dialectic students. Sometimes this process has to nurtured and fostered, sometimes it has to be shepherded. It always has to be addressed with our eyes open.

Trapped in Our Culture

Malcolm Gladwell chronicles well the “sociology of success” in his book, Outliers. Approaching our pre-suppositions and circumstances with our eyes open can help us avoid or mitigate many limiting factors and even help us create extraordinary opportunities for our students.

What is ACCS?

Marlin was a founding board member of ACCS and its first chairman. In this talk he will communicate the history, purposes and direction of the association that binds us together.

Zero to 60 in 60

Zero to 60 is a familiar measurement for car buffs. The title equivocates on that car idea in the area of a person ageing. What are reasonable milestones and benchmarks for a nine-year-old, or a 12-year-old? How about a 30 year-old or 60-year-old? If we don’t measure ourselves and the ones in our trust by some standard we might easily fail to meet a reasonable standard. This talk seeks to help the listener establish some standards.

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