What is the Diploma Program?

The Diploma Program is the accredited, full-time school of VSA. Students in the Diploma Program are full-time and take courses that meet the academic standards of VSA.

Who is the Diploma Program for?

The Diploma Program is for families and students seeking an accredited diploma or extra help and guidance from experienced VSA consultants.

Why choose the VSA Diploma Program? 

VSA is the oldest online Classical Christian school. Over 2,500 students have enrolled in the VSA Diploma Program. Veritas graduates have gone on to some of the finest Christian and Ivy League colleges and universities, missions work, employment, and many other exciting things that God orchestrated for the next step in their lives. Diploma Program students receive many other benefits, exclusive full college scholarships, student mentors, student government, student connections, and an alumni association. View the school profile HERE.

In what grade can my student enroll in the Diploma Program?

Students of all grade levels can enroll in the Diploma Program, K-12. Grammar school and secondary school students receive:


  • Support and guidance for peace of mind
  • Early access to register for classes
  • Annual course plan
  • Dedicated consultant to keep your student on track
  • Yearly certification     


  • Earn an accredited diploma
  • Exclusive full college scholarship opportunities
  • Dedicated consultants
  • Expert college guidance
  • NCAA guidance from experienced Div. I student athletes            


What academic guidance can I expect?

Enrollment in the Diploma Program includes guidance from qualified, experienced consultants that "come alongside" and assist with the specific and unique needs of your student. Click HERE to meet our wonderful consultants.

Whether you seek help once a year or want a dedicated consultant to provide quidance and answer questions throughout the year, VSA stands ready to serve. Click HERE to see our Diploma Service Levels.

What are VSA's graduation requirements?

Students begin earning credits toward graduation in the ninth grade. A minimum of 25 credits are required for graduation. VSA also offers an Honors Program requiring 29 credits and more advanced coursework.


2 credits    

2 credits
  Logic & Rhetoric                                                      

3 credits

3 credits
  Omnibus (Literature, History & Theology)        

9 credits

3 credits

5 credits

Click HERE to view the graduation requirements for Honors & Associate Programs.


How can I apply to the Diploma Program?

There are three steps to apply to the Diploma Program:

Step 1: Submit Application

Step 2: Application Fee 
Step 3: A VSA admissions counselor will contact you

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions, would like to apply over the phone, or
would like to talk with a VSA Admissions Counselor, please call us
at 1-800-922-5082.