Extra Benefits of the VSA Diploma Program

Becoming part of the Diploma Program has many extra benefits available only to Diploma Students, including:

- Dual enrollment courses to earn college credit for courses taken at VSA  
- College guidance and advice from experts
- NCAA guidance from Division I college athletes
- Accredited diploma from a nationally recognized organization
- Exclusive college scholarship opportunities available only to VSA graduates. Click HERE to learn more. 
- The following scholarships are currently available:

      • Eastern University's Templeton Honors College, St. Davids, PA - $23,000 per year for four years
      • The Kings College, New York, NY - $24,000 per year for four years
      • New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, ID - full tuition for four years
      • Cairn University, Langhorne, PA - $17,500 per year for four years
      • Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA - $14,000 per year for four years

What Does the Diploma Program Cost? 

Unlike "bricks and mortar" private Christian schools, VSA's Diploma Program does not have a single flat cost. Rather, we offer flexibility to families so that cost and schedule can best fit your needs.

Diploma pricing is made up of 3 categories:

Each year, there is a one-time enrollment fee based on your grade and service level. View service level options HERE.

Grammar School:
      Classic Level - $200
      Premium Level - $500

Secondary School:
      Classic Level - $260
      Premium Level - $525

Each student will take roughly six courses each year in secondary school. View tracks and credits required HERE.

Live Online courses (except science and some senior-level courses) - $649
Self-Paced Omnibus courses - $295
Homeschool Graded courses - $345 ($395 for Biology & Chemistry)

Curriculum costs vary depending on courses taken.
Diploma students are required to take an annual standardized test at a cost of $50 per student.

The total cost is typically less than half of other private schools.


Frequently Asked Questions

. Do you have a payment plan?

A. Yes! For each live online class a $95 deposit is due at the time of registration to secure your seat. After having paid that, if you do nothing else you will automatically be entered into our 9-month payment plan in which your credit card will be automatically charged in equal installments on the first of each month from April to December.

Q. How do I get to talk to a counselor about your school?

A. Diploma Program! A consultation with your personal consultant is one of the major benefits of enrollment. The two levels of service, Classic and Premium, allow you to pick the amount of assistance from your consultant which best fits your needs. The first thing to do is fill out an application HERE, pay the one-time application fee, and our enrollment adviser will walk you through the next steps!

Q. Do I get a transcript by taking classes at VSA?

A. The transcript and diploma are another of the benefits of the Diploma Program. Nevertheless, if you simply take one course (or more) through VSA, without being in the Diploma Program, you can still get a grade report which can be used in building your home school transcript, and shown to colleges when applying.

Q. Do I have to take all of my classes online with VSA if I'm in the Diploma Program?

A. While many of our Diploma students choose to take a majority of their courses via live online courses, especially as they reach the upper grades, you do not need to do every single one online. We also offer Independent Studies, Self-Paced Courses, and Home-taught courses, all using our approved curriculum.

Q. How can I make sure my student is taking the right classes for college prep and succeeding?

A. Many families homeschool throughout grammar school for good reasons: to create that foundation of faith throughout their studies, to keep costs down, to enjoy flexibility, etc. But there comes a point in every household where the student needs outside accountability. Veritas started the Diploma Program in 2009 to give parents that accountability and guidance. Not only will you work with a consultant to tailor your child’s course plan to their needs while meeting requirements, but it also opens up many other opportunities, including student connections, early course registration, and help with book ordering and course registration.

Q. If my student is taking online classes with Veritas, can I list them as honors courses with a weighted grade on my homeschool transcript?

A.  If your student is not a part of our Diploma Program, the parent acts as the “principal” of the homeschool. Students who are part of the Diploma Program do receive weighted grades (5.0 scale) and the honors designation for 9th-12th grade courses taken online with Veritas. So, if you wish to include the honors and weighted grade on your homeschool transcript, it is your prerogative. However, colleges may still ask for an unweighted grade (4.0 scale) because you are not part of an “umbrella school.” The Diploma Program is there for you if you’re interested in third-party verification by an accredited organization.

Q. Is there another level you recommend starting Omnibus with if I feel my seventh grader is not quite ready for Omnibus I yet? 

A. While we recommend taking the Omnibus levels in chronological order (I and IV are ancient, II and V are medieval, III and VI are modern), the level of difficulty of the reading material stays pretty much the same for Omnibus I, II, and III, which we recommend for seventh through ninth graders. The same applies to Omnibus IV, V, and VI, which we recommend for tenth through twelfth graders. That being said, if you have a student who isn’t ready for the violence of the Odyssey or the verbiage of Herodotus, we recommend starting with the more modern era of Omnibus III.

Q. When do classes meet?

A. All live online classes meet 2 days per week, either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Students are expected to have assignments and homework to complete on non-class days. Grammar school-level classes meet for an hour and fifteen minutes each class day, and Secondary school-level classes meet for an hour and a half each class day.

Q. Does Veritas accept transfer credit?

A.  Veritas will review all transcripts of previously completed work as well as issue a battery of placement tests to determine a student's academic level when joining the Diploma Program.

Q.  When should I enroll my student in the Diploma Program?

A.  The Diploma Program is for students ranging from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. We recommend that the student enroll as early as possible for the best outcome.  

Q.  Does Veritas offer any AP or Dual Enrollment courses?

A.  Yes! Veritas offers a range of courses that qualify for AP and Dual Enrollment credit.  You can review the list of available courses HERE.  

Q.  What happens if I'm not completely satisfied with the Diploma Program?

A.  50% of the diploma enrollment fee is refundable if a student withdraws within 3 business days after the consultation.  All course registration fees are non-refundable.