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Get to know the VSA staff and instructors.


Dr. Robert J. Cannon is Vice President of Educational Services at Veritas and Headmaster at Veritas Scholars Academy (VSA). He formerly served as Principal of New Discoveries Academy in the great north of Minnesota. He has led adult academic programs and community outreach as a dean at Albright College, served as a vice president in corporate training and community education for Ridgewater College and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, and led customized executive education programs at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Cannon has also taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels in higher education, primarily Organizational Leadership, and has served as pastor of a non-denominational fellowship just outside Philadelphia. He has volunteered services as an advisor in higher education and is passionate about the Scriptures. Bob and his wife Carrie Ann have seven much-loved children, three dogs, two cats, and a farm of a couple dozen chickens and domestic geese.

Joy O’Byrne has worked full time for Veritas Scholars Academy as the Administrative Manager since 2012. She received her Bachelor's degree from Houghton College and her Master's degree from Lancaster Bible College.  For the past 30 years she has worked in Christian school administration, church ministry, and international missions and taught as an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College.  When she's not at Veritas she loves to be outside walking, hiking, biking and simply enjoying nature!
  Deb Nissley graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Marketing. Following graduation, she began working for an engineering firm while pursuing an MBA degree. She worked 10 years in the areas of marketing, finance and data management for two different engineering firms. After leaving the workplace to start a family, she directed her energies toward her children. She served part time on staff for Children’s Ministry at her church, Office Manager at Veritas Academy, where her children attended, and finally four years ago for VSA. Apart from working for VSA, she loves reading, cooking, walking and antiquing. Deb and her husband Greg have four sons and one daughter living in Lititz, Pennsylvania.
  Jill Heine graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Speech Communication. She classically homeschooled her children for 7 years before enrolling them into Veritas Academy, a local ACCS accredited school. She assisted with Admissions, Marketing and Fundraising at this school for five years. She currently serves as Admissions Counselor for the diploma program at Veritas, Inc. Jill and her husband, Bob, have two daughters, both of whom are in college. Jill enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people.
  Jesse Brooks has been involved with Veritas since he was 14 years old, and has been employed in many different capacities. Even before working here, he used our curriculum from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Jesse is almost finished with a Bachelors in International Studies, and plans to graduate early. His interests include reading old books, learning the Arabic language, international travel, eating delectable food, trying new things, and spontaneity. He plans to be a Diplomat. 
Karen Bolton lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a city not far from the Mexico border. She and her husband, Jeff, have two grown and married daughters whom she homeschooled in their primary years. Karen earned her Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Arizona. Her education experience includes homeschooling, teaching at a local Christian school, and being a founding teacher and Head of School of a classical Christian school for fifteen years. Karen has experience with both the blessings and challenges of the homeschool environment and schedule. Through serving as the Head of School for a classical Christian school, Karen has helped many students set and achieve their goals of graduation and beyond. She understands the demands and rewards of a rigorous classical education. Her experience with countless families and students helps her to discern the most appropriate course plan for the individual student.

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Pam Eatmon Although Pam began homeschooling only half-a-dozen years ago; classical Christian education has played a significant role in her and her husband's life since the early 90s. An experienced paralegal of more than 20 years, Pam has applied her skills in organization and analysis to help meet the unique learning needs of each of her four children, two of whom she and her husband adopted from India. And she's an educator not only of her children, but also of those interested in organic foods, integrative medicine, and special-needs adoptions. Outside the home, Pam facilitates women's Bible studies at church and in the neighborhood and serves her sons' Boy Scout troop as one of its parent leaders. When not otherwise tied up, Reclaiming Our Culture for Christ … One Young Heart and Mind at a Time! you might find her curled up with a good book or stretching out in her favorite yoga class.

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Kim Fulcher enjoys encouraging others in their homeschooling goals and journey. She started homeschooling their oldest son in 2002 using a classical approach.  Even before having children Kim was learning about Christian classical education and attended homeschool conferences with her husband, a teacher at a Christian classical school near Nashville.  She has navigated many challenges while homeschooling, including special needs testing, learning disability remediation, college applications, Eagle Scout projects, AP courses, and motivating children to develop their diverse gifts and talents.  She continues to deepen her understanding of education, as well as biblical counseling.  Kim graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  She then studied Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and worked within the medical imaging industry until leaving to teach.  She enjoys hiking, kayaking and serving in her local homeschooling community and church.  Kim currently lives in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania with her husband, five active children, a cat, chickens and an over-friendly labra-doodle.

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Rebecca Graves feels blessed to be able to support homeschool families with resources and encouragement to continue teaching their children with Biblical values and to realize their goals of college and career.  She graduated from Bryan College with a B.A. in Psychology and from the University of Central Florida with a M.Ed. in Counselor Education. After teaching and counseling in the public schools for seven years, Rebecca has enjoyed homeschooling for the past 14 years, and has served as a homeschool evaluator, testing administrator, co-op teacher, and activities coordinator. She also enjoys leading in two Christian scouting organizations, Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls, and camping, hiking, biking, canoeing, and enjoying God’s creation. Rebecca lives in Florida with her husband, Jonathan, and three sons who are attending local colleges.

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Hannah Hoover Pixie Lichtenstein is a home school mother of two, completing seventeen years of home schooling. Her son is a graduate of The McKenna School of Business, with a B.S. in Marketing and is currently is an Account Manager with Chem Station, Dayton, OH. Her daughter is a Certified Massage Therapist. Pixie is co-founded a classical education co-op, in which she still teaches the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Pixie has been a speaker for Blackburn Study Center, a Classical Education center, Veritas Teacher Training Seminars, and currently for the Indiana University of Pittsburgh Graduate Curriculum Development Program. She is a Pennsylvania home school evaluator and private tutor. Pixie also works as a Development Officer for Ligonier Ministries. She enjoys her role as a VSA Diploma Program consultant, a member of the VSA Accreditation Committee, and teacher for VSA for seven years, teaching classes in Grammar, Writing, Literature and Linguistics Pixie considers it a privilege to encourage and support other home-school parents.

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Jessica McGehee is a homeschool mother of three and wife to an Active-Duty Marine. Currently, they live in Yuma, Arizona. Jessica has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin. She also holds a Masters of Educational Administration and Human Development from George Washington University. She began her journey in education as a teacher at KIPP: Austin College Prep as a Middle School science and writing instructor. After relocating, Jessica began working as the Director/Principal of a small early childhood education school in 2009. Within this position she was responsible for restructuring the culture and curriculum to be more Truth-centered. She became enamored with the rigor and priceless value of a classical Christian education (CCE) in 2010 after visiting Trinitas Christian Academy in Pensacola, Florida. From there, she and her husband, expecting their first child, committed themselves to learning more about CCE and find ways to integrate that style of learning into their nomadic lifestyle. This is when Jessica first learned about Veritas Scholars Academy. Since, she and her family have been committed to training their children in the classical style of learning with the aid of VSA's phenomenal instructors and resources. Jessica currently owns and operates a small business in her spare time, along with recreational writing and reading when time allows. She is looking forward to serving the families of VSA as they endeavor to homeschool their children in a community of Christ-centered learning.
Mandy Southern is a life-long learner who loves to encourage everyone to seek joy in the Lord and all His goodness. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Children's Ministry with a minor in music from Oklahoma Baptist University. She cherishes disciplining and shaping hearts and minds to be like Jesus. She began her homeschooling adventure a decade ago as her family began building their future with Veritas. She and her husband Travis have been happily married for almost 17 years. They have three children, an 8th grade daughter, and two sons 6th grade and 2nd grade who all love doing their homeschool classes/assignments using the various courses offered by Veritas. Travis is also a passionate learner and teaches Chemistry with VSA. Some of her hobbies include playing flute with her church praise band, mentoring moms, drinking coffee, and going camping with her family. She looks forward to meeting your family and helping you navigate the road of classical education using Veritas.

Tammie Wampler delights to make much of the one in whom all blessings flow by discipling both her children and other women. She first discovered her interest in teaching at Southeastern State University in Oklahoma while pursuing an Elementary Education degree. Her education classes along with her past job experiences in high school and college relations, college admissions, and scholarship processing gave her a passion to assist other families with the many decisions that parents make in their children’s educational journey. She and her husband Cody have three grown children, one son-in-law, and one daughter in the eighth grade who is a Veritas diploma student, hence, she understands the rigor of a classical education and the challenging schedule that is married to it. She hopes to encourage others to persevere by sharing her strengths and the many rewards that classical Christian education has brought to her family.

Ron Adair was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, grew up in Odessa, Texas, and received formal training at the Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, Missouri. He has been mostly freelancing since 1972 and currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife Beth. Having grown up in west Texas and having lived in Dallas for over twenty years, he loves Texas history, especially the story of its quest for independence. Mr. Adair has greatly enjoyed teaching drawing to several of his many grandchildren (he and his wife homeschooled their five children, and they currently have 19 grandchildren). He has been blessed to teach middle school, high school and adults online. Occasionally, he has conducted workshops for adults who want to improve their drawing skills and, sometimes, private lessons for high school/adult students. Mr. Adair's credits include five U.S. Postage Stamps, portraits of presidents Reagan and Bush for the Republican National Committee, the official oil portrait of Jack Nicklaus for the United States Golf Association, book jacket illustrations for the autobiographies of Roger Staubach and Brooks Robinson, as well as the Hall of Fame poster for Mr. Robinson, artwork of John Wayne which Colt Industries used to gold etch into their SAA .45 commemorative for Wayne, 90 Bible illustrations for ACSI curriculum products, sports posters for the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, historical paintings for the Baptist History Preservation Society, 100 illustrations for the philatelic history of America, the Oklahoma City bombing painting (commissioned by the Family Research Council) presented to Governor Keating, many sports portraits for Donruss, Upper Deck and Topps trading cards, and work completed for other major national clients. Mr. Adair enjoys camping, shooting sports/hunting, frisbee games, a little golf, and watching MLB and NFL games. He also plays the flute and has enjoyed playing for occasional weddings, funerals and other events. He and his wife are avid readers and especially enjoy learning U.S. history and church history. Lastly but certainly not least, he has taught historical theology to adults over the years.  
Donna Amato desires to help facilitate a godly wonder and reverence in her students by engaging them in the discovery of the reality of God's grace operating through the consistent, universal, yet invisible rules of law that make science possible in our amazing universe. She has a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Applied Chemistry from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, along with several years of laboratory experience in the manufacturing and analytical instruments marketing industries. Although she enjoyed her career in chemistry, the greater highlights of her work experience have been as a homeschool mom, a homeschool local chapter co-leader, co-op teacher, private tutor, as well as a church discipleship ministry co-leader with her husband, Louis. Donna currently homeschools the three youngest of her seven children. She resides on Long Island, New York, with her sweetheart, Louis, their delightful children, and an endearing canine, Dakota.  

Mary K. Andreades is a classics maven, having pursued learning in the humanities for all of her life.  After receiving a classical education at the Holton-Arms preparatory school in Bethesda, Maryland, she earned a BA with a fine arts major from Yale University in 1984.  She worked in New York City as a fine artist, theatric prop and set painter, and inner city art teacher for several years before becoming a pastor's wife and mother of four.  Now a fifteen-year homeschooling veteran, she was an enthusiastic early adopter of the Veritas curriculum. 

Mary K. also brings mentoring skill to her classroom. In assisting her husband, Sam, as he pastors the Village Church (PCA) in Greenwich Village, she has led a number of support groups, children’s arts programs, parenting and women's ministries as well as being active in counseling. Her eldest son, Thaddaeus, is pursuing 3D animation at School of Visual Arts in New York City.  Jeremy, who learned to argue properly through his teachers at VSA, is now a nationally recognized public high school debater. Her two younger children, Veronica and Enoch, continue as Veritas Scholars Academy Diploma students.

  Kathy Arrick attended Bob Jones University and Clearwater Christian College to become an elementary education teacher. Right after college she married and had six children. Her focus, then, became raising her six children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and homeschooling them. After nine years of homeschooling, all her children enrolled in a classical Christian school, and she became the assistant principal as well as a part-time teacher: teaching music, Latin, rhetoric, British Literature, writing, and logic. During the past 13 years she has been a full-time teacher of both third and fourth grades at Veritas Academy in Leola, PA. She is very excited to teach and believes that everything that we see and may know is because God has created it and given humans the ability to see and know Him through it. Her love for art history stems from the wonderment of humankind's creative and expressive nature which can be seen and can be traced back to God, whose creativity and expressiveness is seen in all that He has made. To Kathy, geography is not merely learning facts about countries and lands, rather, geography teaches about God our Creator - His power, intelligence, and sovereign control - and the diverse world He created for us both to live in and to renew for us when Christ returns. Teaching students how to write using the IEW rubric is one of Kathy’s passions because in learning to write, we learn to communicate our thoughts with great precision and winsomeness, just as God communicates His thoughts to us through Scripture. Her desire is to train the future generations how to apply His truths to as many disciplines as possible so that they are better equipped to serve the Lord in all walks of life. 
Erick Barrett is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. He also holds a Master of Divinity from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Family Ministry and Biblical Counseling. Mr. Barrett has served as the Upper School Department Head for Highland Rim Academy, a classical Christian K-12 school, where he taught math and science and coached robotics. He has also served in positions with Target Corporation, Honeywell Aerospace, and with the U.S. Army. Mr. Barrett currently serves as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve. He currently resides in Cookeville, TN with his wife Lisa and their three children, Cassidy, Allison and Andrew. He is the pastor of Whorton Springs Baptist Church in Smithville, TN. He and his wife homeschool their children and believe that children should not only have a complete and rigorous education, but that it should be grounded firmly on a biblical worldview.
Janet Beavin earned two B.S. degrees from New Mexico Tech, a M.S. from the University of New Mexico, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design from Marymount University. She is also a Registered Instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).  Gail has been with VPSA since 2011.  Mrs. Van Ryn has been a community college professor for over fifteen years, teaching in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. Prior to children, she worked in university research and government program management for fifteen years where she wrote a variety of technical reports, proposals, responses to Congress, and speeches on technical topics for government officials. She loves discussing good writing and having her students share their work. Mr. Van Ryn is enjoying retirement, and their two homeschooled graduates are in college. The Van Ryns live in the beautiful Hunt Country region of Virginia, where they enjoy various activities with their church, gardening, and fishing. 

Miguel Benitez Jr. has taught in a number of different settings for the last five years. He received his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a minor in Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University. Miguel went on to receive his M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Biola University and is pursuing his Ph.D. in Humanities with a concentration in Philosophy from Faulkner University. He teaches the Omnibus courses and Spanish courses for Veritas. Miguel is also a speaker for Doubtless Faith Ministries.

Miguel and his wife Daniela and their baby boy Alex live in Central Florida. Miguel loves reading and spending time with his family at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Karen Bolton is a classical Christian education veteran. She has taught for fifteen years and served as Head of School for thirteen of those years at a classical Christian school in southern Arizona. Her experience as teacher and Head of School has equipped her with the ability to understand and adapt well to the needs of her students and their parents. Karen has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Arizona as well as a Master Classical Teacher certification from the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS). Karen and her husband Jeff have two grown daughters who have been educated in classical Christian, Christian, and homeschooling environments. In each of these settings Karen has taught many subjects and grade levels, including math from K through Algebra 2 using the Saxon program. 




Will Boyd lives in the Palouse region of North Idaho with his wife Liz, five sons, and one daughter. Mr. Boyd grew up near the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he earned a B.S. in Biology (2000) and minors in Chemistry and Conservation Biology. Through his undergraduate years he participated in numerous biological field studies in fun places like the Bering Sea, Alaska’s North Slope, Western North Carolina, Minnesota, Central Wisconsin, and the Cuyahoga River Valley of Ohio. He also interned for the Smithsonian’s Conservation Research Center, where he led an effort studying giant eland reproduction and spent a season caring for and studying wallabies, kangaroos, and other marsupials at the Macquarie University Marsupial Fauna Park near Sydney, Australia. Mr. Boyd has worked in science education since 1999 in various capacities including: as the Education Director of a public lands advocacy organization, Science Chair and teacher at Montrose Christian Academy in Moscow, ID, Zoology lab instructor and Ornithology/Herpetology teaching assistant at North Carolina State University, and as Natural Resources instructor at the University of Idaho. He earned a Secondary Science teaching endorsement and M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Idaho (2013). Will most recently worked as the 4-H Science Extension Associate at the University of Idaho, where he coordinated K-12 STEM education programs throughout the state. He is the founder and board president of the Homeschool Institute of Science (HIS, Inc.) and he absolutely loves encouraging and inspiring those around him to explore God’s marvelously complex Creation!  
Linda Braman graduated from Central Michigan University, and has taught English and speech in public schools, Christian schools, and homeschool co-ops.  A life-long learner, she has taken classes at the local community college in photography and videography, specializing in portrait photography and event videography. She also takes advantage of the free online university classes, enjoying new insight into literature and writing.  Hobbies include doting on her seven grandchildren, traveling to see these same grandchildren, writing, rewriting, and reading, reading, reading.

Allan Bruner is a science teacher at a small public high school in Oregon, where he has served as mathematics, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, psychology, government and economics teacher, as well as choir and drama director for the past 27 years. He holds degrees in Chemistry (Seattle Pacific University) and Science Education (Oregon State University), earning his Masters of Science from Oregon State. He is a Murdock Charitable Trust “Partners in Science” Fellow and was named Oregon’s Teacher of the Year in 2006. He holds National Board Certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in Adolescent/Young Adult Science. He currently serves on the Chalkboard Project’s Distinguish Educators Council and is an adjunct professor in the College of Education for Concordia University-Portland.

In his spare time, he serves as Robotics coach for Colton High School’s FIRST Robotics teams. Allan and his wife have been married 28 years and live in Mulino, Oregon. Their oldest daughter earned her BSN from George Fox University and is employed in the nursing field with Providence Health Systems. Their middle daughter is completing her undergraduate degree in history at George Fox University. Their youngest daughter, born with Down syndrome, is living at home and enjoying music, reading, and acting. All are delightful young adults who are pursuing their aspirations and dreams. All three of their children were homeschooled. Allan is a teaching elder at Meadowbrook Community Church, where he also serves as minister of music. The Bruners have been involved with this congregation for 27 years.

Callison_jaimie_pic_2016 Jaimie Callison has loved art and creativity all her life. She routinely doodles and is pretty sure she even doodled on her English final in high school. Jaimie still doodles, but these days she loves to draw and paint as well. Jaimie loves to encourage others in their artistic abilities and believes that anyone can learn to draw. Jaimie has taught elementary and secondary students both in individual lessons and in a traditional classroom setting. She currently lives in the artistic community of Bisbee, Arizona with her husband and their infant son, and loves being an aunt to seven nieces and nephews, in addition to being a wife and mother. One of her favorite things in life is being creative with her nieces and nephews. Jaimie loves God, people, and art, and she had the privilege of studying Visual Arts at Belhaven University. She also has credentials in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. 
 Cannon_carrie_photo_1115.jpg Carrie Cannon likes to eat salad and soup because every bite is different and interesting. She spends her time writing novels, playing guitar, singing, reading books across a wide variety of genres and homeschooling her seven children. This summer she decided to train for a triathlon. She first discovered her interest in art in the art room at Delaware County Christian School. During high school, she began studying figure drawing at Moore College of Art and Design. Afterwards she continued her studies at Maryland Institute, College of Art, followed by coursework in Art Education at Rosemont College. She rounded out her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where her favorite class was Anatomy. She went on to teach therapeutic horseback riding lessons before starting her family with Bob Cannon. For the past fifteen years she has enjoyed passing down to their children her love of animals, nature, books and art. If you want to find her, try looking in a local museum, the library, on scenic roads with her pastel blue Trek bike, or at the creek watching her children splash. 
Sarah Cartwright. In the spring of 2015, Sarah will complete a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, graduating with high honors. Sarah is a National Merit Scholar, a member of the UNLV Honors College, and was recently named the most outstanding mathematics major at UNLV. Sarah has participated in multiple research projects and teaching seminars. She is currently working with a team of faculty and graduate students on a mathematical modeling system, calculating the possible spread of Ebola. Sarah was chosen to teach a university undergraduate seminar for freshmen this past year and spent six months teaching twenty-five first-year students. In addition, she has served as an undergraduate instructor in biology, a university mathematics tutor, and a private violin instructor. In 2012, Sarah was selected to study abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she met her fiancé, Scott Cartwright. They will be married in May and are moving to Scotland shortly after. In Scotland, Sarah plans to pursue research, work for the St. Andrews Baptist Church, and teach for Veritas. Outside of academics, Sarah loves to play her violin, ride horses, hike, and backpack through national parks.  
Kari Ceaicovschi stumbled upon Latin when registering for a language as an undergraduate at the University of Montana. Twenty-three years later with an M.A. from Stanford and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in the classics, she continues to be an enthusiastic advocate for the study of Latin and inspires her students to feel the same way about the language. Kari has taught Latin at all levels, with most of her experience in the classroom coming from teaching middle school Latin for seven years in a classical Christian school in Washington State. Now the mother of two boys, both of whom are studying Latin, Kari is learning judo, baseball, and soccer (vicariously), and has a new found appreciation for Legos. She also enjoys working in her vegetable garden, canning fruits and veggies, and serving the church in the altar guild and as a council member. 
Jennifer Collender is the wife of Dr. Michael Collender and the mother of three little monkeys, Jackson, Benaiah, and Isabella. She graduated valedictorian from Logos School and then from New St. Andrew's College with a Liberal Arts degree and an Education Emphasis. She taught numerous subjects for The Oaks Academy, an ACCS school in Spokane, Washington, including Latin, Protocol and Journalism, before having children of her own. She is now a very thrilled homeschooling mother and the director of Coram Deo Academy, a homeschool co-op based in Spokane, where she has taught Logic, Omni IV, Elementary Geography, Protocol, and Creative Writing. Her hobbies include anything related to children, even coaching her son's soccer team, though secretly she has never played a game in her life. (But don't tell anyone. The team still doesn't know.) 
Dr. Michael Collender is an alumnus of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center who also worked in script development and in production in the capacities of Assistant Director and Second Unit Director. He has taught philosophy and leadership studies at Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA, for over a decade. He earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, working on the problem of modeling complex systems. He has also been a Visiting Fellow of the Philosophy Institute of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. At VSA, Dr. Collender teaches Rhetoric 2, Film and Worldview, Economics, Psychology and Omnibus courses. 
James Conner is currently serving full time as a Christian School teacher in Midland, Michigan, where he resides with his family.  He has over five years experience as a science, mathematics, and technology teacher in a distinctively classical, Christian school. Jim has an engineering and technical background in both the electrical and architectural fields.  He holds a B.A. in Christian Ministry and is currently working toward several information technology certifications while pursuing graduate studies in apologetics. Along with a hearty discussion over the physical and biological sciences, Jim is particularly fond of studying and discussing both philosophy and theology.  He is also an avid sportsman with a passion for coaching basketball.
Rick Davis has been teaching in classical Christian schools since 2006. He studied in the honors program at Liberty University where he graduated summa cum laude in 2004 with a B.A. in Religion. In his college years, Rick spent time as a youth pastor and as a teacher assistant at Pactum Christian Academy in Lynchburg, VA. In 2006, he returned to Pactum to teach. Since 2008, he has taught a variety of courses for Veritas Scholars Academy, including Omnibus II, Omnibus IV, Logic I, Logic II, and Rhetoric I. In addition, Rick has contributed essays and study questions to the Omnibus textbook series. He also wrote and taught for the self-paced Omnibus II Secondary Course, and contributed exercises to the self-paced Omnibus I Primary Course. He enjoys reading just about anything he can get his hands on. His particular interests include ancient and medieval history, archaeology of the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, Medieval Literature, Biblical Studies and Christian theology. Rick and his wife Mary Beth are members of Providence Church in Lynchburg, VA and are the very proud parents of Luther, Anthea and Alfred. 
Felso_cindy_pic_2016.jpg Cindy Felso has been teaching, tutoring and mentoring students for more than twenty years. In addition to teaching numerous math and logic classes to North Georgia students, she has had the privilege of homeschooling her own five children from the beginning of their educational journey. Throughout her years of homeschooling, she developed a passion for Christian Classical Education, cemented by witnessing how well it worked to prepare her oldest two children for success in college and beyond. Cindy earned her B.A. at Rutgers University in economics and her M.Ed. in Educational Technology from George Washington University. Currently she is in her final year of doctoral work in Educational Psychology at Regent University where she is working on dissertation research studying “Homeschooling Parents’ Mathematical Self-Efficacy”. When she’s not teaching or studying, you’ll find her hiking with the family in the North Georgian Mountains or spending time with her miniature dachshund “Brutus Maximus”. 
Fiedler_ingrid_pic_2016 Ingrid Fiedler is the wife of one awesome husband, mother of five intense children, and owner of one tired dachshund. Her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is from Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana and her Master of Arts is in Comparative Literature from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Her fields of study are German and French literature, plus a smattering of Antiquity. Although born in the Hoosier state, she has lived on three continents, including a short year in Uganda as a missionary. Teaching languages are her passion. She believes that learning a new language opens the door for cultural understanding and gives us the ability to reach out for Jesus. Her students have ranged from middle school to retirees, and her class sizes from one to thirty. She currently lives in the tiny town of Reinheim, Germany and she looks forward to speaking German with you!  
Denise George graduated from Bloomsburg University with a B.S. in Secondary Education Mathematics and an M.S. in Education of the Hearing Impaired. She has enjoyed teaching at Veritas Scholars Academy since 2010. She has also taught math to a wide variety of ages in a number of settings, including public schools, community college, and private tutoring, and she is a teacher, organizer, and academic consultant for Excelsior Homeschool Cooperative. Denise and her husband have four children who have been homeschooled, though she is very close to “retirement” from that amazing adventure. Denise enjoys reading and discussing interesting books with friends, walking/hiking, crocheting, and dark chocolate. She loves the way mathematics reflects the order and structure of God’s creation and hopes to pass on that love to her students.




Dr. Troy Gibson has taught courses in American Politics, Religion and Politics, Christian Political Theology, Social Science Statistics, and Public Law for over ten years. He has a BA in Political Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and his PhD in Political Science from the University of Georgia. As a professor at the University of Southern Mississippi, he has published several academic studies in leading journals in the field of Political Science, such as The Social Science Quarterly and Politics and Religion. A specialist on the topics of politics and religion in American political thought, Christian political theology, and the Judeo-Christian roots of liberal democracy, Dr. Gibson and his research has been featured in several news outlets nationwide.

As a Christian, Dr. Gibson believes he should draw from a biblical worldview.  As a scholar, he believes he must, since understanding the world correctly requires it. Dr. Gibson serves God as a husband, father and churchman. His wife (and high school sweetheart) Natalie has been a first grade teacher, and their three children, Caleb, Noah, and Sarah Ann, are new homeschoolers. He regularly teaches the Bible, theology, and apologetics in Sunday School at Woodland Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. For fun, Dr. Gibson enjoys spending time with his family, blogging, smoking meats, and cheering on the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

Samuel Gist earned a B.A. in History from Hillsdale College and an M.A. in Medieval History from King’s College London. He has taught Latin, Logic, and Humanities at a classical Christian school for five years and is excited to be working with students from all over the country at the Scholars Academy. His passion for history and classics lives outside of the classroom as well, where he spends his time writing historical fiction and collecting a very old-fashioned library. With any extra time he tries to keep up his jazz and classical trumpet playing. He is happily settled in Indiana with his wife and three daughters.
Gleason_charlotte_headshot_120115.docx Charlotte Gleason  knew she wanted to be an English teacher by the time she was a junior in high school. Her lifelong love of reading and the ability to clarify her thoughts with words motivated her to pursue a degree in secondary English education and later, a master’s in liberal studies with an emphasis in literature. After teaching high school English for five years, she decided to stay home after the birth of her first son. For the past seven years, she has been homeschooling her children and serving as a part-time faculty member at Cairn University, teaching composition, literature, and education courses. Currently, she oversees all of the English composition courses at Cairn, providing training and feedback for the instructors. Her children can attest to her commitment to all things reading and writing. After teaching an evening composition course at Cairn University, she awoke the next morning determined to teach her 4-year old son to love C.S. Lewis, her 8-year old daughter to write in complete sentences, and her almost 10-year old to use active verbs instead of countless “to be” verbs. Needless to say, her children were ready for a break before lunch. When she is not attempting to create little (and bigger) writers, she is outside – walking, chasing three children, weeding a large garden, or rescuing chickens from being over-loved.  
Paula Gossard has a BA in Chemistry, a BS in Oceanography, a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Science Education (Earth and Environmental Sciences). Discovering a love of middle school students and teaching while leading a middle school youth group during college, she also earned a California Teaching Certificate and embarked on a 31-year career teaching science and math, primarily in Christian schools, also serving as an administrator at Christian schools in Kodiak, Alaska and Fairfax, Virginia. Most recently, she has been teaching science and education courses at Cairn University in Langhorne, PA where she is currently the Acting Dean of the School of Education. Paula and her husband Carl lived in many different locations during his career as a Coast Guard officer. Of these, Alaska was by far their favorite! When “free” time allows, Paula enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading, and cooking.




Damian Haarhoff (more commonly known as Sir Haarhoff the brave and noble) was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and moved to Namibia when he was three years old - which means that his students receive their instruction in a cool South African accent at no additional charge! He had many adventures growing up in Africa, including being chased by a rhino, running into (and then from) a herd of baby elephants, and a close encounter with a baboon . . . not all on the same day, that is!

When missionaries from the U.S. started a church in his hometown of Windhoek, he became a Christian by the sovereign grace of God through the means of their ministry. When he was 18, the church sent him to Texas to study at Dallas Baptist University. One fine day in the midst of a required math course, his eyes were opened to how the glory of God is manifest in what he once thought were boring numbers, meaningless letters, and irrelevant formulas. He began to see more and more of how the perfections of God permeate the world of mathematics - how the beauty, order, precision, immutability and complexity of math was indeed a testimony to the very nature of the God by whom and for whom all things were made. As a result, he went on to earn a B.A. in mathematics as well as in theology with a minor in New Testament Greek.

In addition to being a math teacher, Sir Haarhoff has been a pastor, counselor, Sunday school teacher, and karate instructor. He has taught math since 2000 and has had the privilege of working with a diverse group of students from disadvantaged to honors. He has taught everything from 6th grade math to Calculus II. He is happily married to his bride whom he met at DBU. They live out in the country in a small town called Cut-N-Shoot, outside of Conroe, Texas. They have eight adorable children, nine cats, a few chickens and a Great Pyrenees watch dog named Elsie. They have been homeschooling their children since their oldest could say the words "A says, a-, a-, a-pple." The Haarhoffs are faithful members of Crown and Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church in Conroe, Texas.

Sir Haarhoff loves working for Veritas, where he is committed to support and come alongside parents in their honorable endeavors to educate their children. Armed with a love for students, a passion for mathematics, and a ready supply of humor, he enters the classroom each day, ready to slay dragons of ignorance and apathy and rescue damsels of potential and promise. "What a remarkable privilege," he says, "to be able to bring my students on a daily basis to the grandest of all theater performances . . . to the very front row, where they will sit on the edge of their seats and behold the wonders of God unfold before their very eyes in the world of mathematics."







Dr. Barbara Helmkamp earned an engineering degree in Physics from Colorado School of Mines (1986) and a Ph.D. in Physics from Louisiana State University (1995). Between undergraduate and graduate studies she worked as a petrophysical engineer for the Shell Companies in New Orleans. After graduate studies, she and her husband Bob started their family. In 1999, the Helmkamp family relocated to Houston. Barbara taught part-time (secondary science and math including Algebra I) at St. Mark Lutheran School (Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod) in Houston from 2005-2008, after her younger daughter started first grade there. Barbara also completed a course of study in theology for Lutheran school teachers, including Old Testament, New Testament and Church History, through Concordia University Texas (2007). In 2008, the Helmkamp family relocated to Parker, Colorado (southeast of Denver). From 2010-present, Barbara has taught part-time (Physics and Chemistry lectures and labs) at Credo Academy, which is a large, board-run, secondary home school co-op in Lone Tree, Colorado. She has also taught her daughters their courses in Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry, Calculus I-II, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physics and Statistics. Both daughters joined VSA’s diploma program after completing the 8th grade in Lutheran schools—Amalia graduated with Honors as Salutatorian in 2015 and is now studying violin and nursing (double major) at University of Iowa, and Sophia (class of 2017) is in the Highest Honors program with VSA and plans to study engineering, like her father and mother, and minor in music/violin. Barbara finds much joy in secondary Christian education, knowing that the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ is cherished above all by all involved: students, parents, faculty and administration. She looks for ways to have “theological moments” in the classroom (theology being the “queen of the sciences” according to Aquinas)—by opening class with a hymn to read aloud, thereby exposing students to the rich hymnody of the church, or by bringing the Scriptures to bear in the context of teaching, as time and subject matter allow. Barbara and her family particularly enjoy the out-of-doors including hiking, skiing, kayaking, snowshoeing, cycling, walking the dog, etc. Being able to teach VSA classes from the Helmkamp’s Grand Lake condo is a happy thought indeed.  

Amanda Jager holds a B.Ed. and an M.A. from McGill University. She has been homeschooled, attended private school, and has taught in variety of settings, from large public schools to tutoring ESL students in her dining room. She and her husband, Derek, have five young children and are beginning the journey of educating them at their home in Napierville, Quebec, Canada. Her passions are philosophy and literature, and in her (very small amount of) free time she enjoys writing, reading, watching hockey with her sons, and baking. 





Dr. Tara Jernigan is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, though she has lived in the Pittsburgh region since 1996. Married to Richard since 1995, she is the mother of three boys, all of whom were homeschooled with classes from Veritas Scholars Academy. Her eldest was homeschooled all the way through, and now studies at St. Vincent College (where he majors in mathematics but is constantly thankful for the cross-disciplinary foundation a classical home education gave him). Her favorite thing about homeschooling with VSA is the access her children have had to the finest teachers with the flexibility to take classes anywhere (including on a personal trip to Greece and Turkey when her eldest was able to attend his omnibus class back home at the end of long days on location in Athens). Dr. Jernigan has a background in theology, with a BA in Religious Studies from Grinnell College. She also studied French as an undergraduate and maintained French as a research language while studying for her MAR in Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry and her D. Min. in Biblical Exposition at Nashotah House. She believes that the study of any language helps to broaden the student's ability to think and understand the world, engage with literature and scholars outside of our own time and culture, and be an ambassador for Christ in the global marketplace. Dr. Jernigan is currently pursuing (at a leisurely pace) graduate certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), teaching Koine Greek for a local homeschool co-op, and a number of theological writing and teaching projects in addition to teaching introductory French for Veritas. She enjoys travel, Cincinnati baseball, Korean and European history, and home-roasted coffee and is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
Tammy (Duby) Jones holds degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Biola University. She is the co-author of The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook and Pillars of the Hebrew Nation. She taught Kindergarten and first grade before homeschooling her two children. Tammy shares her passion for learning and teaching as she creatively teaches history, literature and science classes for local homeschoolers in Kindergarten through high school. She especially enjoys encouraging parents in their homeschool journeys as she travels to teach Lap Book workshops to home educators. Tammy joined the Veritas faculty in 2008, and has taught grammar, history and Omnibus courses. She has never decided which age student is the most interesting, so she keeps busy with 6- to 18-year-olds all week. She enjoys talking about great books with students and challenging them to go "further up and further in" to God's kingdom. She loves cooking healthy food, reading, traveling, and hosting "How to Watch a Movie" nights for teens at her house. The most fun she has ever had was homeschooling her two children, who grew up way too fast. She actively serves in her local church and makes her home in the countryside outside of Washington D.C.

Tammy Kabakjian is a homeschooling mother with a love of classical education. She earned a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University and has taught a variety of subjects in both Christian school and business settings. Tammy and her husband, Bob, have three children: Robert, Tori, and Katy. They reside in Camden, SC, (the oldest inland town in South Carolina), and are members of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia. As a family, the Kabakjians love adventures like exploring new places, camping and traveling. In her spare time, Tammy enjoys early morning runs, baking and photography.

Al Keller received his M.A. in Russian History from the University of New Orleans in 1970, followed by three years of post-graduate work in Russian and Chinese History at the University of Washington. During the 1960s and 1970s, he served in the U.S. Navy in Intelligence, worked for the University of Washington in cardiovascular research, and spent five years as a programmer at Boeing. He received his M.Div. from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN, in 1983. From 1984-2008, he served as Senior Pastor of Emmaus Lutheran Church and School, Fort Wayne. He served as an Adjunct Professor of History at the University of St. Francis, Fort Wayne from 2005-2008. He is skilled in the Greek, Latin, German, Russian, and Chinese languages. His interests include philosophy, international politics, chess, woodworking, and travel. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Rosalie, his daughter and son-in-law, and four homeschooled grandchildren.
Carynkepfordphoto_2016 Caryn Kepford received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She continued her education with sixteen years of homeschooling her four children; seven years of teaching Art/Art History and three years as Academic Dean at the Maine Classical Christian School in Freeport, Maine; and five years of teaching Studio Art/Art History to small groups of homeschoolers. In 2014, she fulfilled a lifelong dream by completing her MFA in Fine Arts through the Academy of Art University in SanFrancisco, CA. Currently, she is an Art instructor at the Des Moines Art Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Caryn enjoys spending time in her studio and painting in the great outdoors. She loves visiting art museums and traveling to the far reaches of the earth to see the great treasures made by people throughout history. She╩╝s ridden camels around the pyramids of Giza, climbed the steep steps at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and explored first hand numerous churches, palaces and ruins throughout Europe. Caryn lives with her dear husband, Ron. Together, they are learning to be grandparents of six precious grandchildren and enjoy cultivating the gardens that surround their home in Winterset, Iowa. 
Mark Keuthan grew up in central Texas. After earning a Bachelor of Education in English and Counseling from Hardin Simmons University, Dr. Keuthan taught public and private high school in Texas. Then Dr. Keuthan earned a Masters of Arts in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio, concentrating on American and British Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, which precipitated teaching at UTSA, Wayland Baptist University, Baptist University of the Americas, and San Antonio area community colleges. Wanting to concentrate more on the study of film, television and literature, Dr. Keuthan accepted a teaching fellowship at Regent University in pursuit of a PhD in Communication Critical Studies. His dissertation explores J.R.R. Tolkien’s communication of evil and redemption in his earliest literature. Completing the Doctor of Philosophy, Dr. Keuthan has taught in Regent University’s School of Communication and the Arts. Dr. Keuthan is an internationally award winning script and screenwriter, story consultant, actor, director, producer, and conference presenter. His greatest passion is writing redemptive cinema and television and seeing it produced. Dr. Keuthan currently lives in a small town in picturesque Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

Laura King, is headmaster and teacher for Imago Dei Academy in Alamogordo, New Mexico and teaches grammar school science and grammar, and logic school grammar. Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in English Literature from Liberty University. She has been with Imago Dei Academy from the beginning, and has also taught kindergarten through third grade. She has attended training seminars at the Association of Classical Christian Schools annual conference for the past two years, as has researched classical methodology. Mrs. King has sixteen years’ cumulative teaching experience in church settings and Christian schools. She also has approximately 4 years experience in supervision and office management. She has been married to her husband, Chuck, for 16 years, and they have three sons.


Susan Klein is the wife of fellow VSA teacher Jack Klein and mother of 6 children ranging in age from 23 down to 8, including 2 adopted from China and Vietnam. A graduate of Montana State University in Billings, MT with a degree in Math and History Education and extensive work in Chemistry and Physics, she has home schooled all 6 of their children over the course of 12 moves encompassing 5 states while her husband served in the US Air Force and has taught many others, principally nearly every flavor of mathematics and science through various home school coops. She has coached Lincoln-Douglas debate in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association since 2009, with several students competing at the national level. While being stationed at Grand Forks AFB, ND, she worked as a college mathematics instructor. Prior to her husband’s entrance into the Air Force, she taught math and history in Guam, as a missionary teacher in the Republic of Palau, and as a substitute teacher in Laurel, MT. An avid reader, musician, and athlete, she loves being back in her home state of Montana. 

Krans_jeremy_pic_120115 Jeremy Krans is an old soul that longs for meaningful tradition and metaphysical speculation. He is a father of four and husband of one. He thoroughly enjoys crafting carpentry as well as argument. If you don’t find him reading a book in a nook, fixing the things that break, or dreaming of how to attach the old with the new, you may catch a glimpse of him soaking in the great outdoors of Kentucky. He has a master’s degree in Theology and a bachelor’s in Philosophy. He has been teaching everything from Koine Greek to apologetics for the past decade. He will be teaching Latin Transition 1 in the Fall of 2016. It will be a delight.  

Amy Lewis graduated magna cum laude from Fresno Pacific College with a BA in English before earning her teaching credential and serving as a teacher for five years in Christian schools.  She has been happily married for twenty-one years to Stephen, a former PCA church planter and now a PhD candidate in Old Testament studies. Having met in the second grade, Amy and her husband now have seven children whom she has been homeschooling for eleven years.  Amy fills her spare time with stimulating discussions around the dinner table, reading, writing, camping and sewing. Amy also coordinates Christian Education at church.

Pixie Lichtenstein is a homeschool mother of two, having completed seventeen years of homeschooling her own children. Her son is a graduate of Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA, and is currently an Account Manager for Chem Station. Her daughter is a Certified Massage Therapist. Pixie is the co-founder of a classical education co-op, in which she taught: Logic, Institute for Excellence in Writing, The Lively Art of Writing, Shurley Grammar, Toastmasters and SAT Prep. Pixie has been a speaker for Blackburn Study Center, a Classical Education center for home school students, Veritas Teacher Training Seminars, and currently for the Indiana University of Pittsburgh Graduate Curriculum Development Program. She is a Pennsylvania home school evaluator and private tutor. Pixie also works as a Development Officer for Ligonier Ministries, the Teaching fellowship of Dr. R.C. Sproul, in Sanford, FL. She is currently a VSA Diploma Consultant and Instructor in Linguistics and Literature in our Grammar school. 
Phyllis Linton is a veteran teacher of over 30 years, including twenty-five years’ experience in public high school education, experience teaching in two Christian schools, and overseas experience teaching at Han Nam University in Taejon, Korea. She has taught a variety of math classes ranging from Algebra I to Advanced Placement Statistics, as well as life science and English. She earned National Board Certification and has served as a national advanced placement grade reader for the College Board. A National Merit finalist in high school, she holds undergraduate degrees from Mississippi College and from the University of North Alabama, where, as well, she earned a Master of Arts in Education. She completed summer coursework at the University of North Carolina in Asheville and at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In 2007 she won the Alabama District 7 Secondary Teacher of the Year award. With degrees both in biology and in mathematics, she inaugurated a statistics program over ten years ago at Florence High School. She enjoys statistics with its interdisciplinary component and the logical thinking necessary for analysis. An active member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Florence, Alabama, she has four grown children and seven grandchildren.
  Rich Lusk is the pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL. He has been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years, with just over ten of them at his present congregation. Previously, he spent several years at Redeemer Presbyterian in Austin, TX, and a couple of years at Auburn Avenue in Monroe, LA. He and his family have been involved in Christian education for a long time. His wife Jenny taught at Regents School of Austin, and presently works for Westminster School at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. Rich has been involved in teacher training and classroom instruction in the classical Christian school movement off and on over the past two decades. His primary interests include theology, philosophy, hermeneutics, history, and literature, so he is very much looking forward to working through the Omnibus curriculum with his students. Rich and his wife are blessed with 4 children in grades 6 through 12. They all attend Westminster. Rich is a graduate of Auburn University (B.S. in Microbiology) and the University of Texas (Masters in Philosophy). 
  Sara McGahey’s passion for classical Christian education began over thirteen years ago when she and her husband Jon attended a private school presentation in Dallas, TX. She realized that education should be a pursuit of beauty, truth, and goodness and that God should be at the center of learning. The idea of mastering the skills of learning also resonated with her love of learning. She quickly recognized that the logical problem-solving skills she had developed as an engineer were invaluable in implementing classical methods across the spectrum of education. Since then, she has become a leader, speaker, and teacher in the homeschooling community in the Upstate of South Carolina. She directed a classical Christian co-op and also served as a support manager for other directors in the area. She taught English for four years at a homeschool co-op and also taught math classes in her home. The opportunity to train, counsel, encourage, and exhort other homeschool parents and classical teachers has brought her blessing and joy. Sara desires to come alongside parents as they lay a foundation of biblical truth in the lives of their children and is grateful for the opportunity to share her love of literature. Literature’s ability to transcend physical boundaries gives students insight into different times, cultures, places, and particularly the nature of humanity. Sara delights in sharing this experience with her scholars. Sara earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and worked in the semiconductor industry until her first child was born. She now homeschools her five children – Emma Lane (16), Macy (13), Jack (11), Georgia (8), and Livvy (3).  
Manuel_paul_pic_2016 Paul Manuel grew up in the Great Plains States of Nebraska and Wyoming. He excelled in high school in the visual and performing arts. He graduated with a BA and MA in Biblical Studies from Pensacola Christian College and began teaching science, Bible, and music in South Florida where he met and married his wife, Heather. After teaching for several years, he felt a call to pastoral ministry and earned a Master of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando in 1998. Mr. Manuel served as a pastor in several PCA churches for 15 years. More recently, he has returned to the classroom. He now teaches Upper School Bible, theology, and worldview at Seven Rivers Christian School in Lecanto, Florida. He also coaches cross country and coordinates weekly chapel services. Since an early age, Mr. Manuel has had a heart for missions. He has traveled extensively and led mission trips in Central and South America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. He also studied World Religions at Harvard University Extension School to gain more knowledge of the cultures of the world. Paul and his wife, Heather, have been married for 23 years and have three children: Emily (17), Elijah (15), and Elisabeth (9). On any given weekend, you can find the Manuel’s enjoying the beach, hiking, swimming, biking, running, kayaking, paddle boarding, gardening, or spelunking. On the off chance that the Florida sun is not shining, you’ll likely find them reading, writing, making music, or playing some very competitive board games. 
Honesty Martin has a passion for math, dance, teaching, and singing. After receiving a BS in Mathematics and a Dance Minor from Lander University, she taught high school mathematics for 9 years. She plans to pursue a Master’s Degree soon and considers herself a life-long learner. She is married to Skip (nickname, of course), and they have two boys, Cody, 10, and Taylor, 7. They reside in Woodruff, SC. Most recently, Honesty began tutoring homeschool students in math and teaching a dance class for the homeschool group at her local YMCA. She is an active member of her church, Duncan First Baptist, and is a member of the choir. She is on the choir’s praise team and sings with an all-female quartet group, Shine. Within the last year, she discovered that she has a knack for handmade crafts and makes clothespin wreaths to give away or sell. Honesty is very excited to be working with VSA and that God would use her gifts and talents in a way that is glorifying to Him.



Kaitlin Mayo has enjoyed teaching English to students of all ages and backgrounds since 2007. As a former two-time National Spelling Bee participant, her commitment to the English language has proven a pivotal part of her life, and her goal is to consistently demonstrate this passion for the written and spoken word in her classroom each and every day. Mrs. Mayo is a devoted wife and the enthusiastic parent of a vivacious two-year-old, Faith. She is an active member of her local church, and she is grateful to work as a virtual teacher and freelance writer from her own home. She plans to home school Faith all the way through high school. Mrs. Mayo views teaching as a powerful ministry of its own – a solid means of encouraging others to follow Christ and of devoting themselves to expanding their knowledge base for spiritual, practical, and recreational purposes. She is a cum laude graduate of English at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, a master’s degree recipient in creative writing at the same university, and has recently completed her M.Ed. in early childhood education at Grand Canyon University. Mrs. Mayo has taught/tutored a diverse range of age groups, both “on-campus” and online, and is enjoying tutoring ESL students from across the globe. For Mrs. Mayo, teaching is a means of helping students to start taking practical steps that will help them “stay the course” and constantly aspire to a successful life – both personal and professional. She is also a freelance writer and strives to use this experience to help students who desire to pursue a career in this arena. She teaches Composition II here at Veritas Scholars Academy.  




Scott McQuinn loves beholding God in His Word and in His world. As a means to the former, he holds a B.A. in biblical languages from Northland International University, an M.Div. in biblical exegesis from Bethlehem Seminary, and is currently working on an M.A. in ancient language acquisition from Fresno Pacific University in order to more effectively equip others to behold God in His Word too. He has been studying Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic for over ten years (including a six-week Hebrew immersion program in Israel, and Hebrew and Greek spoken fluency workshops), and teaching Hebrew and/or Greek communicatively for more than six years in various contexts, including The Bethlehem Institute, Fresno Pacific University, the Biblical Language Center, online, and at his local church. He is passionate about helping others know the beauty, power, and relevance of the living Word to all spheres of life, particularly through the study of biblical theology and the original languages of the Bible. As a means of beholding God in His world, Scott enjoys being in the great outdoors, marveling at the creative play of his little girls, building things with his hands, engaging with people of different cultures, hiking along California’s breath-taking central coast, and nighttime snail hunts with his two little girls. He especially loves spending time with his lovely wife, who takes care of their four young children, including their twin babies. 
Miller_david_photo_2016 David Miller serves as the Middle School Humanities Integration Lead and history teacher at The Bear Creek School in Redmond, WA. David has designed and taught classical curricula over the last eleven years in Medieval Western Civilization, World Geography, Rhetoric, and other interdisciplinary elective courses. He has developed curricula with an emphasis on integrating Latin, logic, and rhetoric across disciplines, while using primary sources and Socratic seminar method. His expertise in Classical education has led him to present papers at the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest, the Center for Christian Thought, and the Society for Classical Learning. He has coached many sports including cross-country, basketball, and track. He holds a B.A. in Communication: Media Studies from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) and a Masters in Teaching from Northwest University (Kirkland, WA) with endorsements in English and history. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Theological Studies from Covenant Seminary (St Louis, MO). He and his wife, Lauren, attend Redemption Church in Duvall, WA and are excited to welcome their first child in June, Selah. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking in the Cascade Mountains and either running alongside the Snoqualmie River or floating down it! David hopes to honor his Alma Mater by working “For Christ and His Kingdom.” 
Miller_lauren_pic_2016 Lauren Miller studied Journalism at Biola University, then pursued a career at the Fox News Channel’s Washington D.C. bureau. There she served both on the assignment desk and as a live shot producer, bringing breaking news on stories like the 2008 Mumbai bombings and a chemical spill at the White House. Prior to her time at Fox, Lauren was an intern for Voice of America’s policy department and PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, writing stories on human trafficking and Lebanese honor killings. In addition to her time in Washington D.C., Lauren served as the Communications and Creative Services director for a nonprofit in Snoqualmie, WA. She also taught journalism and digital arts to secondary students at the Bear Creek School in Redmond, WA and served as the school’s advisor for its student publications. Lauren believes that words, whether written, spoken, or thought, shape our faith and influence our understanding both of God and of each other, and it is from this conviction that she loves to teach young minds to embrace and embody the beauty of the Word. Currently, Lauren is pursuing a masters in Theological Studies from Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis. In her leisure time, she enjoys Zumba, artisan coffee, and, when Seattle’s weather permits, stand-up paddleboarding. She is married to David Miller who also teaches for VSA. Together, they share an enthusiasm for secondary students and classical Christian education. They will welcome their first child in June. 

Jacob Moya has a BA in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and an MA in Teaching History from the University of San Diego. Jacob has taught in various capacities over the last 12 years, including as a historical interpreter for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has spent the majority of those years teaching the Trivium from a Christian perspective. He and his bride, Julia, have six children, and they make their home in northern Idaho. The Moya family enjoys hiking together, playing soccer and tennis, and watching old films. Jacob's academic interests, among other things, include educational history, historical theology, and music appreciation.

  Jaclyn Partridge completed her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at Chatham University and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Grove City College with a Minor in Marriage and Family Studies. Her studies in these disciplines, her experience in testing and her proclivity towards working with young adults have equipped her to navigate the process and study of test preparation with VSA students. Mrs. Partridge has always enjoyed working with children and their families in her career as both a teacher and community mental health counselor. She pursued a career in teaching, having developed an Introduction to Psychology class for Trinity Christian School in Pittsburgh, PA based on Dr. David Myer’s text Exploring Psychology. She was humbled and overjoyed to have taught Psychology at TCS for four years up until the birth of her second child. She has also delighted in her career in mental health counseling working in a home-based family therapy setting and also in behavioral health at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. In her home life, Jaclyn is married to Elliott and mother to two beautiful, energetic and curious toddlers. Her activities include co-leading a women’s bible study, reading with her book club ladies, cake decorating, cooking, crafting and singing. She is a lover of learning and discovery! New to VSA, Mrs. Partridge hopes to continue her growth and learning in the direction in which God is guiding her, ever hoping to share the graces and mercies of Christ which are new daily!  
Kaye Pepin has lived and worked all over the world (that’s what happens when you marry a soldier).  She currently lives in Cookeville, Tennessee, with her family and three dogs Caesar, Brutus, and Cleo. She graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor’s Degree in math many moons ago and a Master’s Degree in English from Tennessee Technological University. She has been teaching off and on since 1982 in both private Christian schools and the public school system, served in the United States Army as a Russian linguist, and homeschooled her sons (now grown). She is an active member of Collegeside Church of Christ in Cookeville, and teaches the Sunday morning ladies' class. She spends most of her free time writing, reading, and taking weekend trips to places off the beaten path. 
Pickering_mark_pic Mark Pickering is a graduate of Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minor in Bible. He also holds a Master of Science in Instructional Technology from the University of Houston Clear Lake. Additionally, Mr. Pickering has completed all coursework and a dissertation proposal towards a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Mathematics Education from the University of Louisville. Mr. Pickering taught mathematics, Bible, Spanish, world history, and physics for Hillcrest School in Jos, Nigeria, where he and his wife lived for close to four years. He has also held teaching positions with Jefferson County Public School in Louisville, KY, specifically DuPont Manual High School and Olmsted South Academy. He currently resides in Johnson City, TN with his wife and their two children. Currently Mr. Pickering is homeschooling their children via a Christian, classical curriculum. When he is not teaching or with his family, Mr. Pickering is rooting for Chicago sports teams or enjoying the beautiful hiking spots in east Tennessee.  
  Corey Piper earned his BA in Education from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, and has mostly taught middle school students during his seventeen years of teaching. He has taught 6th grade Ancient History, Old Testament, Omnibus II, Omnibus III, and 11th grade composition. He has also coached baseball, led DC trips, participated in a summer missions trip to the Middle East, been the advisor for the middle school yearbook, and written for the Veritas Omnibus series, volumes IV and V. He won the 1996 Whitworth writing award with his essay, “A Tear and a Laugh,” which was later published as “The Capacity of Love” in the May/June 1997 issue of “Christian Parenting Today." He currently lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters and is looking forward to continuing to teach using the Omnibus curriculum. 
Sheryl Powell graduated magna cum laude from Houghton College with a B.A. in French and did graduate studies in the language at Calvin College and Eastern Michigan University. A veteran teacher of over 30 years, she has taught French in both public and private schools from preschool through twelfth grade before joining the faculty at VPSA. She has led 15 student tours to French-speaking countries and has tutored internationals learning English. The Powells are thrilled that their daughter and her family have moved near them in Michigan after living in the U.K. for the last decade. Sheryl has provided leadership to the music and fine arts ministry of her Presbyterian church and enjoys reading, playing the piano, card stamping, traveling, and teaching.
Rebekah Pringle delights in opportunities to explore and share her fascination with literature, cultures, genres, philosophies, theology, and the study of communication past and present. Earning degrees in Creative Writing (B.A.) and English (M.A.) from Bob Jones University and teaching literature and composition in classrooms and through media for the past several years have increased her pleasure in these subjects. Her experiences have also provided continued inspiration for excellence in communication and biblical thinking and living. Providing guidance, tutoring, counseling, and advice in various leadership roles over the past ten years equipped Rebekah to serve those with specific needs by helping them find solutions that enable accomplishments of personal and institutional goals. Rebekah enjoys one-on-one interactions with students and families from around the world and across the country. Homeschooled from K5-12 and the second of five, she also values the close relationships she has with her family: grandma, parents, siblings, siblings-in-law, and adorable nieces and nephews. 




Jonathan Roberts was born and raised in Aguascalientes, Mexico where he grew up speaking English, Spanish, and Spanglish. His parents David and Cristy Roberts are still missionaries in Aguascalientes and administer a Christian elementary school and Christian bookstores. Jonathan attended the elementary school his parents helped start and was then homeschooled during his middle and high school years. He then attended The King’s College in New York City and graduated with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He then spent two years teaching at a classical charter school in Phoenix. Sources tell us he especially enjoyed teaching Latin, Spanish, history, and literature. Jonathan is currently pursuing a Masters in Philosophy at the University of Missouri at St. Louis and hopes to write his thesis on the great English theologian John Davenant. When he is not reading philosophy for school, Jonathan enjoys reading about the history of the Reformation, working on his Latin and Greek skills, and having a grand time discussing history, theology, and philosophy with his friends. Jonathan is looking forward to enjoying with his students some of his favorite works of literature—including the Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and other great works by Shakespeare, Dorothy Sayers, and George Alfred Henty. 







Mary Beth Robison moved to Orange County, California, three years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio, and the move proved to be quite a change! Although the constant, crazy traffic continues to baffle her, she has thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful, breezy weather and the glorious majesty of the towering sea. While living in Cincinnati, she received her B.A. in vocal performance and a minor in English literature from Miami University (of Ohio). During this special chapter in her life, she spent time studying in Italy, performed in different operas, and sang for a wide variety of ministries. Although the Lord did not lead her down the path to become an opera singer, the lessons she learned in earning this degree greatly impacted her ability to teach and manage a classroom. After she graduated from Miami University in 2008, she taught all sorts of music classes at a Christian homeschool co-op and for a private music studio. In 2009 she was hired to assist an English teacher at a more academically rigorous homeschool program (and very Christ centered) called Providence Extension Program, and then eventually got hired to teach Composition, Literature, and American History to 8th and 9th graders. In the midst of these endeavors, she decided to work on obtaining her teacher’s license. Once she finished taking a long list of pre-requisite English classes, she enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at Northern Kentucky University. Through this program, she worked long hours in the public school system, which came with dark challenges and joyful rewards. Although she grew in her abilities through the secular domain, the experiences during this time ultimately enriched her passion for Christian education. She finished this degree in May of 2013 and was hired to teach at Grace Classical Academy in Laguna Niguel, CA, the following fall where she taught 6th grade for three years. After undergoing these different pursuits and endeavors, she is so thankful to be teaching at VSA where she can freely exalt Christ as King in the classroom. 

Mary Sam is a homeschooling mom of six children, ages 6 through 20. She graduated from Houghton College with a BS in Biology and completed her Masters in secondary science education at the University of Bridgeport. In addition to home schooling for 15 years, she taught Life Science, Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry to students in grades 7-12 in both the public and private Christian schools. Although science is one of her first loves, she also enjoys classic literature, especially Tolkein and Shakespeare. 

Dr. Bret Saunders holds the B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture from New Saint Andrews College and the Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Dallas. He lives with his wife and two children in Rapid City, South Dakota, where he is Assistant Professor of Humanities at John Witherspoon College. He teaches rhetoric, composition, and literature to college freshman and high-school seniors, as well as Rhetoric 1 at VSA. Previously he taught philosophy and Writing Principles at the University of Dallas. Hobbies include poetry, sports, folk music, and relaxing with his family. What he loves about rhetoric is how it calls upon the imagination, intellect, and body in the service of “speaking well;” how it’s deep power can form, direct, and energize human communities; and that it is central to our nature and mission as images of the divine Word. 
 Erica Searl is the wife of a retired Army chaplain and the homeschooling mother of five children, three of whom are in college. She graduated summa cum laude from Montana State University with a BS in mathematics (with emphases in both applied math and education) and a minor in music. She worked as a systems analyst for several years before enjoying the privilege of being home teaching and learning with her children. As they have moved around the country, she has tutored and taught in a wide range of settings and subjects – music, Latin, history, but especially all levels of math and physical science and Physics and debate. She loves the order and beauty of God’s creation that can be observed and predicted and expressed in these disciplines.
Shearer_micah_pic_2016 Micah Shearer has a Master’s Degree in Chinese Intellectual History from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a B.A. in History from Lee University. She studied Mandarin in Henan University in China and at Middlebury College’s immersive language program. She also lived and worked in China for two years and spent the last 6 years working with Asian American youth in Washington, DC, many of whom were from families who had recently emigrated from China. She has experience teaching students from elementary school through college and spent her first year in China teaching English as a Second Language. Micah currently lives in Asheville, NC with her husband. She loves exploring the beauty of the nearby mountains and Asheville’s vibrant restaurant scene. She is a serial hobbyist and her latest kicks include baking sourdough bread (from her own made-from-scratch starters), woodworking, and knitting.  
Rob Shearer is the husband of Cyndy Shearer, the proud father of 11 children, an Elder at Abundant Life Church, and the Director of the Francis Schaeffer Study Center in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He is also the publisher of Greenleaf Press and vice president of the Tennessee Association of Church-Related Schools. He is the author of Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation, and Famous Men of the 16th & 17th Century. Rob holds an MA in History and Humanities from Stanford University and a BA in History from Davidson College. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany in 1979-1980. He has been reading, writing about, pondering, musing, and reflecting on the lessons of history (ancient, medieval, & modern) for over thirty years. He re-reads Paul Johnson’s Modern Times every year and loves watching Gone With the Wind, Dr. Zhivago, and The Lion in Winter. He once organized a twelve-hour marathon back-to-back-to-back screening of all three of The Lord of the Rings movies. Every few years he leads the ultimate homeschool fieldtrip and takes several dozen students and parents with him to Italy and Germany for two weeks, exploring the historical sites associated with the Renaissance and the Reformation. 
Veronica Short loves foreign languages, especially Spanish. With this motivation, she graduated summa cum laude from Western Oregon University with a BA in Spanish. She then completed a Master of Arts in Spanish Literature from Portland State University with a focus in 16th-century European science in relation to the indigenous peoples of the New World. Veronica currently teaches at Portland State University. As an avid learner, Veronica believes that education is not restricted to an age group or career goal but rather that it is a way of life. She studies French, German and has just started violin. Her hobbies include classical ballet, travel, cooking, good coffee and tennis. She pursues her passions in Portland, OR.
Heidi Smith has been interested in math and science, especially learning about the way things work for as long as she can remember. After receiving a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Messiah College with a concentration in mathematics and art, Heidi worked with professional chemists and engineers conducting research and analysis and later as an information specialist performing patent searches using chemical abstract databases.

Heidi has been involved in home education for nearly twenty years. Her family joined a homeschooling cooperative, where she developed and taught a Geometry course for eight years, a Calculus course for four years, and other courses including Physical Science, Art History, Engineering and Building, and Illustration. In addition, Heidi tutors students from local public and Christian high schools in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. Interacting with students and helping them understand the material and its applications are her favorite aspects of teaching.

Heidi and her husband, Leonard, a water resources engineer, have four children. Two have graduated from Liberty University with degrees in English and Graphic Design/Advertising. The younger two attend the same university and are studying Information Systems and Nursing. Heidi likes to spend time with family and friends, visit art museums, read five books at a time, enjoy a good cup of coffee, and appreciate the wonders of God’s Creation. She is thankful for the honor and privilege of being part of the VSA faculty and serving the Lord here as a teacher.

Jodi Smith graduated magna cum laude from Auburn University at Montgomery with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She taught grades 5-8 for six years in both public and Christian schools. Jodi is married to Sam, a PCA pastor and National Guard Chaplain. For the last fifteen years, they have been raising and homeschooling their children: Collin and Kaitlynn, who are enrolled in the VSA Diploma Program; Christopher, who is enrolled in the VSA Grammar school; and Kaebrie, who will enroll when she is old enough. Jodi leads a ladies Bible study for her church, loves to read and to travel, and is a professional photographer. She is very thankful for this opportunity to help parents home-school their children through VSA.




Travis Southern received his B.S. degree in biochemistry (with distinction) and his M.B.A. from the University of Oklahoma. He has also earned the M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Southern has a diverse background that has served as an excellent foundation for teaching science. During college, he personally worked with John Saxon, assisting with the publication of his popular math textbooks. Upon graduation, Mr. Southern performed forensic toxicological analysis as part of a team investigating aircraft accidents for the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Southern then moved to the business side of science, providing financial analysis for a major petrochemical company. After teaching high school Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Physics while in seminary, he now serves as a Senior Pastor in Oklahoma. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Theology from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Mr. Southern has a deep love for students, science, and theology. As a teacher, he seeks to mentor students to gain a robust scientific understanding through the lens of a vibrant Christian worldview. This will serve to prepare students for life in a world impacted by science and technology at every level.

Travis and his wife, Mandy, have been happily married since 2000, and are home educating a daughter and two sons. He is an avid baseball fan, and enjoys jogging, playing trumpet, and a good cup of coffee.


Yolanda Statema earned a BA in Elementary Education from Wheaton College (’86), and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Covenant College (’07). She is a member of Phi Lambda Theta International Honor Society for Educators. Fourteen of her 22 years of teaching have been in schools committed to the classical curriculum. Before coming to VSA last year, she spent seven years at Rockbridge Academy, a well-established classical and Christian school near Annapolis. Over the years Yolanda’s positions have taken her to northern New Jersey, England, Cape Cod, Annapolis, and now back to Cape Cod. While living in England she took four years off from teaching to work for and tour the world with Oak Hall Expeditions and Skiing! She loves to travel, read, cook, enjoy a good cup of tea, and do anything outdoors. Yolanda is forever grateful that God has given her a calling that brings such joy and fulfillment to her life!

Carter Stepper has a Bachelor's degree with honors in biblical studies from Moody Bible Institute. He has worked in the marketplace for the last ten years, the best of which were for Veritas, and has been involved in youth ministry and teaching since 2006. Carter believes that learning is something to be excited about, and desires to impart that excitement to his students. He loves to wrestle with the big questions, and help students to do the same, understanding that all of human achievement has something to teach us. More than anything, he loves to teach, and to see students understand something for the first time. His eclectic interests range from theology and the Church Fathers, to science fiction, Japanese culture, and everything medieval. He plans to attend graduate school in the future. When he isn't buried in a book with coffee in his hand, Carter is spending time with his wife Hollie and their two children in Spokane, WA.
  Jonathan Stewart holds a B.A. in philosophy and a minor in mathematics from Grove City College, and is a member of the Graduate Institute at Saint John’s College (Annapolis, Maryland). For the past six years, he has taught a variety of courses as a full time instructor to secondary students in the Washington D.C. area. These subjects include Senior Rhetoric, Senior Thesis, Junior Rhetoric, Latin, Algebra, Geometry, and a unique “History of Science” course. In his rhetoric courses, Mr. Stewart has led students through significant reviews of logic materials. His personal favorite course of study was Symbolic Logic. In his spare time, Mr. Stewart makes a mean sushi roll, enjoys backpacking, and keeps his family’s 1986 Toyota alive through amateur repairs (after carefully studying YouTube demonstrations). He, his lovely wife, and their two year old daughter are members of The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Manassas. If you are ever in the Washington D.C./Annapolis areas, please let him know, and he would be pleased to whip you up a nice espresso. 






Melissa Stewart grew up in northern New Jersey in an ethnically and linguistically diverse neighborhood, which inspired her to pursue the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Melissa studied English at Gordon College and the University College, Cork, Ireland, and graduated with a B.A. After marrying a pilot from Maine, she enrolled in the University of Southern Maine to pursue a Master's degree in Literacy with a concentration in TESOL. Following her graduation in 1998, she taught English in a multilingual public school for two years and at a small Bible school in the Philippines for one year. An invitation from a friend to apply to a new private school in Maine introduced Melissa to the world of classical education. She then taught Humanities and Writing at Maine Classical School for six years and has been a Writing and Literature instructor at the Merrymeeting Homeschool League in Topsham, Maine, since 2011. Additionally, she has been homeschooling her own children since 2007. Melissa appreciates the Classical Christian model of education because it honors God while encouraging students to be "thoroughly equipped for every good work" (2 Timothy 3:17) through the study of a wide range of subjects. When she is not teaching, Melissa is often reading books about teaching or previewing books for students. She also loves to write and usually assigns herself homework in this area, just to keep up with her students. Melissa and her husband, Dale, have two daughters, Jeanette and Anneke. They live in mid-coast Maine.  
Carol Stoltzfus earned her B.A. in English Education from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, and later earned her M.A. in Psychology of Reading from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She has had the privilege of teaching English and writing to students of both middle and high school grade levels in the public, private and homeschool settings. She loves to plant and nurture a love for the fine art of grammar and writing…helping students build sentences, paragraphs and papers. She, and the love of her life, David, live in PA and are very involved in their local church, where she  ministers through teaching, hospitality and supporting her husband’s elder ministry. Their four sons and one very well-protected daughter, have all been homeschooled throughout much of their education. Some are finished, while others are still enjoying the adventure.  In her spare time she enjoys God’s creation through running, swimming and, of course, eating fine dark chocolates.

Jesse Sumpter graduated from New St. Andrews College in May, 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts. He is currently working on finishing a Master's degree in Classical Christian Studies at New St. Andrews. Jesse has been teaching for six years. Currently, he teaches Latin at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, and Greek and Omnibus V at Veritas. Some of Jesse's hobbies include reading, writing, baseball, history, poetry, fiction, and teaching. Jesse and his wife, Kate, have been married for three years, and they live in Moscow, Idaho.

Ashley Tacoma graduated from Hillsdale College with a degree in Classical Studies in 2012. Since then, she has been teaching Latin at Classical Christian schools in Texas and tutoring online writing classes. She and her husband recently moved from Texas to Michigan, where her husband is pursuing a PhD in American politics. They welcomed their first child earlier this year. Ashley enjoys reading great literature, studying Latin, history, and theology, playing piano, running, and cooking.  
Melissa Teply earned a B.S. in Secondary Education Biology from Crichton College in 1999. She went on to teach AP Biology, Biology and Physical Science in the public school system for six years before leaving to start a family. Melissa and her husband, Matt, have been married for almost sixteen years and have three beautiful children. She is now a homeschool mom, involved with her local library, local government, and her church. Over the past twenty years, she has taught Sunday School and Awana. She also is the Coordinator/Chairwoman for the Cannon County Imagination Library, a program that provides free books to children under the age of five.  
Edward Thurber earned a BA in English literature from the University of California at Davis. He earned a Master’s degree in Spanish literature from California State University of Fresno. He has taught Spanish at the high school and college levels. Edward lives in the California Central Valley on a family vineyard with his wife Julie and their four children. Approaching the study and teaching of language from the perspective of a Christian world view is especially inspiring for Edward. Other interests include playing the piano, guitar, soccer and spending time with family and friends in some of the great California outdoors.
Norma Tochijara was born in Mexico City but 16 years ago moved to Montreal, Canada, where she lives with her family. She has been married to Victor Tochijara for 19 years, and they have two sons: Marco and Josh. She studied to be a speech therapist at the Instituto Nacional de la Comunicacion Humana (INCH), which gives her an advantage in teaching another language because she can focus on proper pronunciation and articulation, especially since Spanish is her mother tongue. Since she moved to Canada, she has been homeschooling her children and tutoring Spanish. Her whole family are communicant members of the Hudson/St. Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. Her husband is the deacon at their church, and Norma serves with the women in the church. The Lord has been very gracious to her and her family by saving them at a very young age. She loves running, reading (not at the same time though), baking, teaching and being with her family. 
Jason Van Bemmel graduated from the University of Maryland with a History Major and an English Minor. He also has Master’s Degrees from Covenant College (Educational Leadership) and Reformed Theological Seminary. He has taught US History, World History, Modern World History, American Government, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Latin and Creative Writing in three different Christian schools and to homeschool classes. He has also served as Head of School for New Covenant Christian School, an ACCS member school, and as the Upper School Principal at Whitefield Academy in Georgia. Mr. Van Bemmel currently serves as the pastor of Forest Hill Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Maryland. He and his wife, Beth, have been married for 17 years. They have three children: Andrew (11), Jeremiah (8) and Kathryn (5). As a family, they enjoy good literature and family field trips. His children can often be seen in costume, acting out some period of history or their favorite literature. The Van Bemmel family’s favorite literature includes Tolkien and Lewis (of course!) and also Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga and N.D. Wilson’s 100 Cupboards trilogy.  

Gail Van Ryn earned two B.S. degrees from New Mexico Tech, a M.S. from the University of New Mexico, and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design from Marymount University. She is also a Registered Instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).  Gail has been with VPSA since 2011.  Mrs. Van Ryn has been a community college professor for over fifteen years, teaching in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. Prior to children, she worked in university research and government program management for fifteen years where she wrote a variety of technical reports, proposals, responses to Congress, and speeches on technical topics for government officials. She loves discussing good writing and having her students share their work. Mr. Van Ryn is enjoying retirement, and their two homeschooled graduates are in college. The Van Ryns live in the beautiful Hunt Country region of Virginia, where they enjoy various activities with their church, gardening, and fishing. 

Weaver_summer_pic_111615 Summer Weaver has developed a passion and personal commitment to three things: leading young children to Christ, fostering a love for learning, and challenging young minds to think and solve problems. She has earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Westmont College and a master’s degree in Education from Simpson University. She loves literature, traveling, and hiking to beautiful mountain lakes; but most of all she treasures spending time with her husband (Todd) and two sons (Ethan and Seth). Summer’s journey in classical education began eight years ago when she began homeschooling her two children. She loves that classical education is language focused and that learning is accomplished through both written and spoken words. Summer looks forward to teaching Linguistics at VSA and encouraging students to master language form, meaning, and context which will benefit all of their future studies. She feels very strongly that God has entrusted our children to us to raise to honor and glorify Him. Summer is blessed to have the opportunity to come alongside parents and be a part of educating our future with a strong biblical foundation.  

Hettie Weber resides in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia, with her three children and husband, Lee. She has taught Language Arts, History, and Latin in classical schools since 2007. Originally a homeschooler, Hettie's appreciation for classical education continues to grow. She graduated with honors from Texas A&M University in 1995 with a degree in History. Her husband is an officer in the US Navy, and they have lived in seven states as well as in London, England. If she has spare time, Hettie enjoys playing the cello, reading, studying, and sewing. Her greatest passion is raising each of her children to love the Lord with all of his or her heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Kelly Weber has a degree in education from Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY. She taught at a Christian school for twelve years until she became a mom to a miracle son, Samuel. While staying at home she tutored students in Saxon Math and Shurley Grammar. Kelly is passionate about making learning fun and making her students feel successful academically. She has been married to her husband, Steve, for six glorious years. Since her husband is a lead pastor she is often helping with women’s ministries, missions, teaching, and outreach. When she has free time she enjoys making hand stamped cards and making online photo albums to document all that He has blessed her family with. She resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Miranda Webster has taught third grade for seven years at a Christian classical school in Texas. She received a B.A. in Christian Studies with a minor in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University, and received her Master’s in Christian Education with a concentration in Women’s Ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She has a passion for teaching, laughing, and bringing joy to the classroom. “It is my greatest desire to inspire my students to understand the beauty and depth of our Creator. May the Lord open our minds to the complexity and simplicity of who He is, so that we may be students and lovers of Him.”  
Wienckoski_christina_pic_1115 Christina Wienckoski graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in French and completed her Masters of Education in French from West Chester University. She has spent significant time abroad, including a semester at the University of Grenoble, France. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree, she worked as an English language assistant in French schools near Nantes, France. She has experience teaching French courses at both the middle and high school levels. Christina resides in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with her husband Jesse, their two children, Christian and Sophie, and a cat named Sonny. At Pine Grove Church, she serves as a Sunday School teacher and secretary of Pine Grove Preschool Board. Besides spending time with her family, she enjoys cooking, running, reading and traveling. 

Trisha Williams is passionate about helping students demonstrate love for God and his Word by helping them understand the world around them and their purpose in it. The rhetoric of literature, history, and theology are the means she uses to engage students in this grand undertaking. Her love for learning and passion for classical education was passed on to her and her ten siblings from her teaching parents. She graduated from LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, with a B.A. in English Literature and Language and minor in Biblical Studies in 2005. She became a missionary to Guatemala in 2006 and taught all levels of high school English classes at the International Christian Academy of Guatemala for four years. She also helped coach a Harvard University sponsored debate team working to promote democracy amongst the Americas and saw them compete in El Salvador, Costa Rica and Ecuador. While in Guatemala, she helped establish ESL classes at local churches, as well as encouraged the literacy efforts of fellow missionaries to indigenous Mayan groups.

Ms. Williams is now finishing up her course work for a Master of Arts in Teaching from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. In her free time she tears her nose out of a book to play the piano, host dinner parties, or critique film. She teaches Sunday school and women’s Bible study classes at College Church, and when not leading short term mission trips to various parts of the globe, spends as much time as possible tutoring Hispanic immigrant children and encouraging the educational pursuits of her thirty nieces and nephews.


Rae Wilson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education K-8 with a Reading Major and a Math Minor from Eastern Washington University. She taught first grade for three years in a public school, fifth grade for four years in a private Christian University Method School, and homeschooled her two children for fourteen years. Rae enjoys reading, exercise classes, biking, skiing, and following her favorite sports teams. She and her husband of 27 years are active in their church, where she teaches ladies Inductive Bible Study. Rae feels very blessed to be part of Veritas Scholars Academy! 


Mary Wright graduated with distinction from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a B.A. degree from the College of Math, Science and Engineering. She also obtained a secondary teaching credential from CSULB and taught secondary mathematics for the Long Beach Unified School District for four years before staying home with their three children. Mary has homeschooled for 16 years, predominately using VSA curriculum. Mary and her husband Harold have been married for 29 years and actively serve in their church, Providence Reformed Church of Las Vegas. They enjoy camping, hiking, rock collecting, backpacking, dogs and reading.