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Dr. Robert J. Cannon is Vice President of Educational Services at Veritas and Headmaster at Veritas Scholars Academy (VSA). He formerly served as Principal of New Discoveries Academy in the great north of Minnesota. He has led adult academic programs and community outreach as a dean at Albright College, served as a vice president in corporate training and community education for Ridgewater College and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, and led customized executive education programs at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Cannon has also taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels in higher education, primarily Organizational Leadership, and has served as pastor of a non-denominational fellowship just outside Philadelphia. He has volunteered services as an advisor in higher education and is passionate about the Scriptures. Bob and his wife Carrie Ann have seven much-loved children, three dogs, two cats, and a farm of a couple dozen chickens and domestic geese.

Joy O’Byrne has worked full time for Veritas Scholars Academy as the Administrative Manager since 2012. She received her Bachelor's degree from Houghton College and her Master's degree from Lancaster Bible College.  For the past 30 years she has worked in Christian school administration, church ministry, and international missions and taught as an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College.  When she's not at Veritas she loves to be outside walking, hiking, biking and simply enjoying nature!
  Deb Nissley graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Marketing. Following graduation, she began working for an engineering firm while pursuing an MBA degree. She worked 10 years in the areas of marketing, finance and data management for two different engineering firms. After leaving the workplace to start a family, she directed her energies toward her children. She served part time on staff for Children’s Ministry at her church, Office Manager at Veritas Academy, where her children attended, and finally four years ago for VSA. Apart from working for VSA, she loves reading, cooking, walking and antiquing. Deb and her husband Greg have four sons and one daughter living in Lititz, Pennsylvania.
  Jill Heine graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Speech Communication. She classically homeschooled her children for 7 years before enrolling them into Veritas Academy, a local ACCS accredited school. She assisted with Admissions, Marketing and Fundraising at this school for five years. She currently serves as Admissions Counselor for the diploma program at Veritas, Inc. Jill and her husband, Bob, have two daughters, both of whom are in college. Jill enjoys reading, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people.
  Jesse Brooks has been involved with Veritas since he was 14 years old, and has been employed in many different capacities. Even before working here, he used our curriculum from Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Jesse is almost finished with a Bachelors in International Studies, and plans to graduate early. His interests include reading old books, learning the Arabic language, international travel, eating delectable food, trying new things, and spontaneity. He plans to be a Diplomat. 
Karen Bolton lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a city not far from the Mexico border. She and her husband, Jeff, have two grown and married daughters whom she homeschooled in their primary years. Karen earned her Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Arizona. Her education experience includes homeschooling, teaching at a local Christian school, and being a founding teacher and Head of School of a classical Christian school for fifteen years. Karen has experience with both the blessings and challenges of the homeschool environment and schedule. Through serving as the Head of School for a classical Christian school, Karen has helped many students set and achieve their goals of graduation and beyond. She understands the demands and rewards of a rigorous classical education. Her experience with countless families and students helps her to discern the most appropriate course plan for the individual student.

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Pam Eatmon Although Pam began homeschooling only half-a-dozen years ago; classical Christian education has played a significant role in her and her husband's life since the early 90s. An experienced paralegal of more than 20 years, Pam has applied her skills in organization and analysis to help meet the unique learning needs of each of her four children, two of whom she and her husband adopted from India. And she's an educator not only of her children, but also of those interested in organic foods, integrative medicine, and special-needs adoptions. Outside the home, Pam facilitates women's Bible studies at church and in the neighborhood and serves her sons' Boy Scout troop as one of its parent leaders. When not otherwise tied up, Reclaiming Our Culture for Christ … One Young Heart and Mind at a Time! you might find her curled up with a good book or stretching out in her favorite yoga class.

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Kim Fulcher enjoys encouraging others in their homeschooling goals and journey. She started homeschooling their oldest son in 2002 using a classical approach.  Even before having children Kim was learning about Christian classical education and attended homeschool conferences with her husband, a teacher at a Christian classical school near Nashville.  She has navigated many challenges while homeschooling, including special needs testing, learning disability remediation, college applications, Eagle Scout projects, AP courses, and motivating children to develop their diverse gifts and talents.  She continues to deepen her understanding of education, as well as biblical counseling.  Kim graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  She then studied Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University and worked within the medical imaging industry until leaving to teach.  She enjoys hiking, kayaking and serving in her local homeschooling community and church.  Kim currently lives in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania with her husband, five active children, a cat, chickens and an over-friendly labra-doodle.

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Rebecca Graves feels blessed to be able to support homeschool families with resources and encouragement to continue teaching their children with Biblical values and to realize their goals of college and career.  She graduated from Bryan College with a B.A. in Psychology and from the University of Central Florida with a M.Ed. in Counselor Education. After teaching and counseling in the public schools for seven years, Rebecca has enjoyed homeschooling for the past 14 years, and has served as a homeschool evaluator, testing administrator, co-op teacher, and activities coordinator. She also enjoys leading in two Christian scouting organizations, Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls, and camping, hiking, biking, canoeing, and enjoying God’s creation. Rebecca lives in Florida with her husband, Jonathan, and three sons who are attending local colleges.

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Hannah Hoover Pixie Lichtenstein is a home school mother of two, completing seventeen years of home schooling. Her son is a graduate of The McKenna School of Business, with a B.S. in Marketing and is currently is an Account Manager with Chem Station, Dayton, OH. Her daughter is a Certified Massage Therapist. Pixie is co-founded a classical education co-op, in which she still teaches the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Pixie has been a speaker for Blackburn Study Center, a Classical Education center, Veritas Teacher Training Seminars, and currently for the Indiana University of Pittsburgh Graduate Curriculum Development Program. She is a Pennsylvania home school evaluator and private tutor. Pixie also works as a Development Officer for Ligonier Ministries. She enjoys her role as a VSA Diploma Program consultant, a member of the VSA Accreditation Committee, and teacher for VSA for seven years, teaching classes in Grammar, Writing, Literature and Linguistics Pixie considers it a privilege to encourage and support other home-school parents.

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Jessica McGehee is a homeschool mother of three and wife to an Active-Duty Marine. Currently, they live in Yuma, Arizona. Jessica has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin. She also holds a Masters of Educational Administration and Human Development from George Washington University. She began her journey in education as a teacher at KIPP: Austin College Prep as a Middle School science and writing instructor. After relocating, Jessica began working as the Director/Principal of a small early childhood education school in 2009. Within this position she was responsible for restructuring the culture and curriculum to be more Truth-centered. She became enamored with the rigor and priceless value of a classical Christian education (CCE) in 2010 after visiting Trinitas Christian Academy in Pensacola, Florida. From there, she and her husband, expecting their first child, committed themselves to learning more about CCE and find ways to integrate that style of learning into their nomadic lifestyle. This is when Jessica first learned about Veritas Scholars Academy. Since, she and her family have been committed to training their children in the classical style of learning with the aid of VSA's phenomenal instructors and resources. Jessica currently owns and operates a small business in her spare time, along with recreational writing and reading when time allows. She is looking forward to serving the families of VSA as they endeavor to homeschool their children in a community of Christ-centered learning.

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Mandy Southern is a life-long learner who loves to encourage everyone to seek joy in the Lord and all His goodness. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Children's Ministry with a minor in music from Oklahoma Baptist University. She cherishes disciplining and shaping hearts and minds to be like Jesus. She began her homeschooling adventure a decade ago as her family began building their future with Veritas. She and her husband Travis have been happily married for almost 17 years. They have three children, an 8th grade daughter, and two sons 6th grade and 2nd grade who all love doing their homeschool classes/assignments using the various courses offered by Veritas. Travis is also a passionate learner and teaches Chemistry with VSA. Some of her hobbies include playing flute with her church praise band, mentoring moms, drinking coffee, and going camping with her family. She looks forward to meeting your family and helping you navigate the road of classical education using Veritas.

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Tammie Wampler delights to make much of the one in whom all blessings flow by discipling both her children and other women. She first discovered her interest in teaching at Southeastern State University in Oklahoma while pursuing an Elementary Education degree. Her education classes along with her past job experiences in high school and college relations, college admissions, and scholarship processing gave her a passion to assist other families with the many decisions that parents make in their children’s educational journey. She and her husband Cody have three grown children, one son-in-law, and one daughter in the eighth grade who is a Veritas diploma student, hence, she understands the rigor of a classical education and the challenging schedule that is married to it. She hopes to encourage others to persevere by sharing her strengths and the many rewards that classical Christian education has brought to her family.

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