Our growing collection of self-paced courses are the perfect solution for many families. A self-paced course is completely delivered on a computer over the internet. Assignments are automatically graded. Parents have access to see the progress of each child. Students are highly engaged due to being asked for frequent feedback, and the fun, creative and interesting course design makes the learning unforgettable.


An engaging way to learn history, with a talking sphinx, totem pole and other characters. Simply the best way for younger kids to learn history.

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The Bible comes to life with characters, actors, interactions and games. Students will learn the Bible and have fun doing it. Parents will, too.

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Great books courses covering history, theology and literature from a biblical worldview. Thought-provoking, engaging and very timely.

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Benefits for parents

  • No preparation needed
  • Course work is done online and graded automatically
  • Student progress is always available
  • Frees up time to work with your other children
  • Stress free 90 day money back guarantee

Benefits for students

  • So much fun they don’t know they’re doing school
  • Work wherever there is internet access
  • Progress at the individual’s pace
  • Review is as fun as a video game
  • Completion is required to move forward
I love that the self-paced…courses can be used completely by the children without any needed help or teaching from me!....I did watch many of the lessons with the children but they could do everything on their own including logging in and starting the lesson. Lisa Trombley
This program is more than I ever expected….Veritas Press Products have always been on my “want to buy” list. Why I have never bought their products before is a mystery to me. I am so impressed with this company now, I want to save my pennies to buy more products in the future. Amy Fleeker, Counting Change Again