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Single Source Terms and Conditions

1. Upon pre-approval of the SingleSource program, there is a minimum purchase $1,500 required.

2. Instructions will be provided to submit a list of items for a quote.

3. Veritas Live or You Teach kits are not eligible for the SingleSource discount.

4. Veritas Press digital materials are available for purchase, but may not be returned.

5. Items we stock are eligible for a refund within 90 days of purchase.

6. Any items we do not stock are not returnable.

7. Any items that Veritas Press is not able to procure will be subject to removal from the order. We will alert you of their removal from an order.

8. To ensure the speed and safety of your order, we search for the best shipping option available.

9. When accepting the quote, the order is submitted.

10. Payment can be made:

        a. by credit card at time of shipment
        b. on pre-approved 30 day terms by check
.       c. with a 3% courtesy fee if paid by credit card after shipment

11. Veritas Press must be notified within 20 business days of invoice receipt if there are any discrepancies.

12. If payment is after 30 days of receipt of the product, a 1.5% charge per month will be added.